5 Bathroom Accessories to Try Out in 2019

5 Bathroom Accessories to Try Out in 2019

Here are just some of the popular bathroom accessories you can use to spruce up your bathroom this year, especially if you’ve never used them before.

One way to make your bathroom more comfortable than before is to remodel it. Then you can go through and add accessories as you need. Here are just some of the popular bathroom accessories you can use to spruce up your bathroom this year, especially if you’ve never used them before.

A Toilet Paper Holder

It sounds like a minor detail, but having a toilet paper holder can make a big difference. This is especially true if the holder built into the wall is awkwardly placed or almost inaccessible. Plus a taller paper holder is easier to reach and you can have additional storage space for new rolls when the current one runs out.

Wall Mounted Mirror

Mirrors can modify the appearance of your bathroom. However, choose a mirror that doesn’t attach directly to the wall, even if it is wall-mounted. You can adjust the tilt of the mirror so you can get the best angles and sightlines for getting ready in the morning to face the day. And whether you want a classic look for your newly-redesigned bathroom or a more cutting-edge one, this mirror can help you achieve those ambitions.

Towel Rings

There’s a difference between hand towels, face towels, and body towels. By adding towel rings, you don’t need to overcrowd your towel bar. Towel rings are usually placed near the sink, no matter what size the sink is. That way, it’s easier to dry your hands off without using the wrong towel. While this might be a nuisance for you in your own home, you don’t want your guests feeling like they are violating some unspoken rule of etiquette.

Grab Bar

A grab bar can also be a game-changer for your bathroom. You might have seen them in public restrooms and wondered if it was possible to put one in your own home. One of the biggest trends of 2018 in terms of bathroom remodeling was adding grab bars. This will make sure that anyone in your home with mobility challenges will be able to keep their balance when trying to get in and out of the tub or the shower. These bars can also help anyone trying to get onto or off the toilet.

New Toilet Seats

The finishing touch is choosing new toilet seats. Choosing a new toilet seat that won’t slam shut also avoids jammed or crushed fingers. Plus you can avoid making loud noises that will disturb the rest of your family during a nighttime bathroom visit. You should make sure that your bathroom is as comfortable as possible, and you don’t want to forget about the stability and accessibility of your toilets.

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