Freestanding or Built-In Tubs? Which are Right For Your Home?

A built-in tub

Which type of tub is right for your home?

Whether you are remodeling the home you’ve lived in for thirty years or seeking the perfect fit (and soak!) in your new custom home, deciding whether or not to have a freestanding or built-in bathtub is a big decision. Each style has its advantages and disadvantages, from stylistic preferences to practical uses. How can you choose the right bathtub for you and your family that will keep you soaking comfortably for years to come?

Freestanding Tubs: The Pros

Freestanding bathtubs are currently enjoying renewed popularity thanks to their trendy look, effortless style, and attention grabbing nature. Who needs expensive bathroom décor when you have the beautiful centerpiece of a freestanding bathtub? Here are some other great reasons to go freestanding:

  • Endless Styles—Freestanding tubs are made to fit just about any style. They don’t need to be crammed into a small space or surrounded by tile, so designers get very creative with styles and shapes.
  • A Big Statement—Many people love freestanding bathtubs because they make a huge statement when you walk into the room. They also traditionally are associated with luxury and elegance.
  • Easy Installation—Since they don’t need to be surrounded by tile or installed in a specific spot, installation of freestanding bathtubs is much simpler.

Freestanding Tubs: The Cons

While freestanding bathtubs are excellent for many people, they do have a few downsides.

  • Cost—Freestanding bathtubs are typically more expensive than built-in tubs, so prepare to even out any savings you would get during installation.
  • Heavy—Freestanding bathtubs are also incredibly heavy and can require your floor to be reinforced before installation.
  • No Shower—If you prefer to take a shower most of the time, it’s much easier to get a built in bathtub than have a complicated and less attractive freestanding tub that includes one.

Built-In Tubs: The Pros

Built-in bathtubs are traditional, reliable, and a great value for the price. People have been using them in homes for decades, and for many good reasons!

  • Cost—Built-in bathtubs are typically more affordable, depending on the amount of work required during installation.
  • Use Your Space Wisely—Built in bathtubs are very space-efficient and are typically able to be put out of the way, flush against a wall or in a corner.
  • Plumbing—The plumbing for built in bathtubs is much simpler because you do not need to worry about concealing it or getting any special fixtures.

Built-In Tubs: The Cons

Built-in bathtubs are incredibly popular, but they aren’t without their negatives:

  • Inflexible Placement—Built-in tubs have as few as once place that they can be installed in, unlike freestanding bathtubs.
  • Limited Options—Because built-in tubs fit in relatively standardized slots, there aren’t many ways to be creative besides with color. Their surrounding tile is the best customization option that they have.
  • Installation—Installation is more complicated for built in bathtubs and typically requires sealing, mounting, and potentially the creation of a surround.

Whatever You Choose, WalterWorks Hardware Can Help!

Whether you want a beautiful freestanding bathtub or a charming built-in bathtub, WalterWorks Hardware has the expertise and supplies you need. We are well known through the Maryland, Washington, D.C., and northern Virginia area for our fantastic hardware and incomparable knowledge. For more information, please give us a call at (410) 263-9711 or contact us online. For more tips on choosing hardware for your home, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Houzz, Google+, and Pinterest.

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