Why Should You Use Mirrors in Your Bathroom?

Why Should You Use Mirrors in Your Bathroom?

Although you probably don’t think about them all that much, the mirrors in your bathroom play an important role in its overall design.

Although you probably don’t think about them all that much, the mirrors in your bathroom play an important role in its overall design. You could have several bathrooms on different floors inside your home, but without a mirror in place, you’re not taking full advantage of them. Here are some reasons why you should consider incorporating mirrors into your bathroom.

The Why

  1. Make Corners More Interesting: Just because bathrooms are supposed to be functional spaces inside your home, that doesn’t mean they can’t be visually appealing. A dull bathroom is no fun to spend time in; luckily you can use mirrors to make empty corners more interesting.
  2. Light Up the Room: You shouldn’t always feel the need to use artificial lights to see by; after all, mirrors can catch and reflect the abundant sunshine coming in through your bathroom windows. By lighting up the room with more than one mirror, you can save money on your electric bill, which is crucial for the summer heat. Even if you can’t put a mirror by the window, you can still position the mirrors to reflect the lights you do use when you’re in the bathroom.
  3. Improve the Space: A larger mirror can help the bathroom feel bigger and wider. This effect is critical to use in a master suite with an already-beautiful vanity. It’s equally important in an ordinary full bathroom and perhaps even more essential to opening up a half bath, which is little more than a toilet, a sink, a cabinet, and a mirror.

The How

  1. Use Longer Mirrors: Instead of relying on a full-length mirror taking up space in your bedroom or hallway, put it into your bathroom instead. You’ll need to find a spot on the wall for such a mirror, but once you do, it can start to make a difference.
  2. Add Some Decoration: A backsplash might sound more useful in the kitchen than in the bathroom, but if you can add a mirrored backsplash to your bathroom, you’ll have another reflective surface that is surprisingly clever and functional.
  3. Liven Up the Vanity: The vanity is one of the most important parts of any bathroom, no matter its size. Smaller mirrors serve a purpose, but you’ll be able to see more with a larger mirror. For best results, try pairing a larger vanity mirror with a medicine cabinet that already features a mirror on its door.

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