Built-in vs. Freestanding Bathtubs

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Compare built-in and freestanding bathtubs (seen here) before selecting the best design for your remodel.

When designing your bathroom, there is one key decision to make: the bathtub. You can consider two options: the built-in tub and the freestanding bathtub. Freestanding tubs are the classic tub design you may imagine, with the claw feet and the large tub designed for luxury. Built-in tubs are more modern and practical and often combine with showers to double as an optional bath or shower space. Despite their differences, built-in and freestanding bathtubs have their own pros and cons that can make them ideal–or not–for your new bathroom design. Read on to learn more about what makes these tubs unique and which may be best for your desired bathroom comfort. 

The Appeal of Built-in Bathtubs

A built-in may work best for you if you want the option to switch between showers and baths. Setting up a shower in a built-in tub is much easier without worrying about water splashing onto the floor. Since a built-in is often enclosed on three sides, keeping the water contained is easy to do with a shower curtain or glass partition. A built-in tub takes up less space and often has ledges and corner shelves that can keep your bath products within reach. 

The Appeal of Freestanding Bathtubs

Most people choose to install freestanding tubs for the vintage look they provide and the bold statement they make. You can find a range of creative designs for your freestanding tub so that you can craft your ideal style. 

Freestanding tubs also give you more flexibility in tub placement. As long as the plumbing is adjacent, you can place your tub throughout your bathroom rather than only in corners or alcoves. 

Which Option is More Relaxing? 

Freestanding bathtubs are more luxurious because they tend to be long and deep to allow bathers to immerse themselves fully. However, today built-in bathtubs can also be made to be as deep and long as you need so that you can enjoy a luxurious soak.

Which Bathtub Loses Heat Faster?

When bathing, you want to ensure you can soak up the hot water as long as possible. Typically, a built-in will contain heat longer because the insulation provided by the walls on three sides holds the heat in. For materials, acrylic will retain heat longer than cast iron. 

Which Bathtub is Easier to Clean?

If you are concerned about cleaning, built-in tubs require little attention because you can clean around the built-in bath. When cleaning a freestanding tub, you must remember to clean all sides of the tub and the space underneath. 

When deciding which bathtub you want, consider how often you want to use baths vs. showers, how much space you have, and factors like budget and cleaning. Whichever style you choose, WalterWorks Hardware can help you find a bathtub you love. 

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