The Essential Guide for Bathroom Remodeling

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A beautiful, spa-like bathroom helps a person to relax, while a bathroom with an efficient layout makes it easier to store personal items and carry out daily tasks.

Bathroom remodeling can change how you feel about your home, and renovations change how people function within a space. A beautiful, spa-like bathroom helps a person to relax, while a bathroom with an efficient layout makes it easier to store personal items and carry out daily tasks. While we might not think about it often, bathrooms set the tone for the day and the night. One of the first and last things that people do each day is to cater to hygienic needs. Therefore, it only makes sense to love how you feel within this space. If you’re overwhelmed by all the bathroom choices, we’re here to help streamline your thinking. Here is our essential guide. 

Create a Bathroom Remodeling Budget

Renovation costs can add up quickly and spiral out of control if you let them. For that reason, you want to set a realistic budget without budging. Is a high-end bathroom your goal? If so, factor in the cost for all of those materials. Some questions to ask while creating a budget are: 

  • Do I plan on selling my home within a few years?
  • Do I want to change the location of some plumbing to enhance my bathroom?
  • What parts of the new bathroom are a must-have?
  • What can I afford to invest overall? 

Choose a Layout

Before even thinking about aesthetics, it’s essential to consider your bathroom’s layout. You might not like the positioning of the bath, shower, and sink. You might also need more storage space. Another consideration is converting a half bath to a full bath or removing a bathtub and adding a walk-in shower with a bench. All of these considerations go into crafting a layout. It can be challenging to reimagine a new bathroom because you’re used to the current structure. However, it might help to take a peek at our inspiration gallery, visit our showroom, or look at Pinterest to gauge an idea of what you want. 

Factor in Lighting

Natural lighting ensures that a bathroom feels airy and bright. Bathroom windows or skylights are excellent choices if you want to amplify natural light in your bathroom. If a home isn’t conducive to adding skylights, tubular skylights allow you to flood a dark room with light. 


In addition, having a natural lighting scheme around your mirror enables you to see a true reflection of color and skin tone. Also, a bathroom with multiple windows can benefit from placing the mirror and vanity lighting in a position facing the windows. That way, you can take advantage of sunlight during the day and vanity lighting when it’s dark. 


Harsh lighting in bathrooms detracts from a calm, peaceful setting. For artificial lighting, ensure that there is some form of soft lighting at head level at the vanity. Some modern vanities provide pure, broad-spectrum lighting that ensures your skin looks natural. 

Choose Durable Materials 

Bathrooms undergo many changes daily, from water exposure to humidity changes. For that reason, it’s best to be meticulous about the materials you want your bathroom to feature. Choose appealing, easy-to-clean materials that can withstand harsh chemicals. Porcelain sinks, cast-iron tubs, and non-porous materials work well in a bathroom. Avoid low-quality fiberglass or acrylic surfaces and consider plumbing fixtures with solid-brass mixing valves. 


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