Looking to Remodel Your Bathroom? Avoid These Logistical Mishaps!

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Although it is theoretically plausible, putting the bathroom by one of the “hubs” of your home isn’t a great idea.

Transforming any part of your home can be a tall task. However, perhaps one of the most complicated is when you want to remodel your bathroom. Renovating this room in your home could represent an enormous disruption to your family’s daily routines. Never underestimate how valuable it is to have multiple full bathrooms in your home. There are, of course, going to be accidents, errors,  and mistakes. But by following this guide, you shouldn’t have trouble minimizing such troublesome incidents!

Creating a Dark and Uncomfortable Space 

Excluding the great outdoors is a bad idea. Bathrooms, no matter their size, are going to be humid and moist places. A feeling of overwhelming darkness runs the risk of being suffocating. Don’t let that happen, especially when you plan on hosting any guests who are planning to overnight while at your home. A bathroom situated on an outside wall, however, can change all of that. One exception to this suggestion is to use skylights if moving your bathroom to an exterior wall is not possible. 

Ignoring the Importance of Line-of-Sight 

Line-of-sight is more important than it seems. Although it is theoretically plausible, putting the bathroom by one of the “hubs” of your home isn’t a great idea. The kitchen, living room, and dining room should all have a buffer zone between them and the nearest bathroom – even if it is a powder room. Perhaps sliding doors or walls could be an ingenious solution?

Only Focusing Your Attention on the Toilet 

The toilet is indeed a crucial feature of any bathroom. That said, the anchor of the room shouldn’t dominate the space. In other words, don’t let it be the first thing someone sees when they enter. One idea is to set the shower and toilet in a tiny room, and the sink gets more focus. In the end, the functionality should rule the day. 

Concentrating on the Curbed Shower Design 

Another recommendation we have for you is to install a curbless shower. For one thing, it lends the illusion that your bathrooms are much larger than they truly are. For another, it adds another dimension of cleanliness and leans into the principles of universal design. If you plan on aging-in-place, following this line of thinking tends to lead to better results! 

Going All Out When It Isn’t Advisable 

Functionality is key. Ultimately, the perception that making a bathroom bigger is the best approach is actually a misconception. In short, aesthetics should not come at the expense of efficiency. 

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