What You Should Know About Bathroom Grab Bars

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One of the easiest ways to make your bathroom safer is to add grab bars.

One of the easiest ways to make your bathroom safer is to add grab bars. This upgrade improves the level of accessibility within the bathroom as well. Making your home follow universal design principles doesn’t have to mystify you anymore. We have assembled an easy-to-understand list of why these bars are so important. If you are already familiar with shower chairs and shower mats, you’ll understand what the bars do. 

What Are They Supposed to Be? 

First of all, let’s discuss what bathroom grab bars are. Simply put, they are graspable poles attached to the wall of the bathroom. Though they are less common, some models can attach to the ceiling instead. They are so useful because they help someone maintain their balance and stability as they change positions. You can also refer to grab bars as “bathroom rails” since that gives a better idea of what purpose they serve.  

Ways Grab Bars Can Make Life Easier 

So now, let’s switch gears. How can these additions to your bathroom help you? That’s a great question, and fortunately, it’s relatively easy to answer. They make showering and bathing easier – even for those who do not face mobility issues caused by conditions such as arthritis or chronic pain. You’re supposed to enjoy the time you spend in your bathroom, so don’t let an outdated design hold you back any longer!

Common Types of Bathroom Rails 

Bathroom rails come in several different models. Grab bars can be paired up with one another and enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom. Shelves, soap holders, and other similar accessories prevent a buildup of excess clutter. More often than not, you’ll find straight bars, L-shaped bars, and rotating bars. Unlike their counterparts, rotating bars are made of plastic and stick to the walls or the tub’s edges by suction cups. They help the user steady themselves, are portable enough to take on vacation with you, and most importantly, are easy to install with a minimum of frustration.  

Two Suggested Grab Bar Placements 

While it’s easy to assume that these bars are only positioned around bathtubs and in shower enclosures, that’s a misconception. Putting these bars around toilets is another great way to improve the overall accessibility of the bathroom in question. Some bars can also serve as toilet paper holders. Just be sure to install them at waist height – this provides the easiest way to get in and out of the tub or shower (and get up off the toilet) as needed. One more thing – feel free to experiment with using grab bars as towel racks. 

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