Three Inspirations for Arranging Open Floor Plans in Your Kitchen

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Open floor plans can make more of a difference than you might expect.

You deserve to have the best kitchen possible. In some cases, renovations and remodeling can transform it. There are very few reasons why you need to put up with your kitchen being small, dark, and cramped. It’s not exactly conducive to your health, let alone making memories with family and friends that you’ll still cherish years from now. Open floor plans can make more of a difference than you might expect. So here are some ideas that will hopefully inspire you to get started! 

A Quick Look at Open Floor Plans

So why are open floor plans so incredible? Let’s talk about them. In some home designs, the open floor plan is already present. However, in other houses, it might have to be an element that is added later on. These plans can help make your kitchen feel brighter, airier, and more cheerful. Even so, traditional-style kitchen designs are still popular. They aren’t likely to go out of style any time soon. Enclosed kitchens excel at minimizing noise, and it’s also easier to conceal a sink full of dirty dishes when you’re expecting company. Plus, the galley kitchen can give you some much-needed alone time while you work on creating that five-star meal. 

Using Two-Tiered Islands and Peninsulas

Everyone knows what kitchen islands are and what they look like; kitchen peninsulas, on the other hand, might not be as well-known. Two-tiered islands and peninsulas give you the advantage of having a partially open kitchen. At the same time, you can still hide any unsightly messes from a direct line of sight. Turn this setup into your designated breakfast nook. This configuration is also a superb way to incorporate secondary sinks into your new-look kitchen.

Incorporating Partial Walls and Pass-Throughs 

Partial walls are another intriguing way to shake up the design of your kitchen. Open floor plans allow you to make the most of this change. Despite what you may think, partial walls can open up the floor, expanding the space inside your kitchen in the process. This outcome means you’ll have plenty of room for foot traffic while you’re busy at work in the kitchen. Distributing the food more quickly becomes even easier, especially if you have someone else delivering food to the table.

Letting There Be More Light

We cannot stress enough the importance of light in the kitchen. Having proper lighting makes a huge difference – for one thing, you won’t feel the side effects of eyestrain from peering at that Pinterest recipe you found. Undermount cabinet lighting adds a stylish touch while also being a worthwhile upgrade in terms of functionality. Want something a little more dramatic? Swap out that overhead fluorescent light for some pendant lights instead!

Choose Your Home Hardware From WalterWorks

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