3 Magnificent Types of Overhead Kitchen Lighting

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High-quality overhead kitchen lighting can make it far easier to see what you’re doing.

Never underestimate the power of good lighting. High-quality overhead kitchen lighting can make it far easier to see what you’re doing. Besides decreasing the amount of eye strain you’ll accumulate, the right lights can help those users who have poor eyesight, to begin with. Even though decorative lighting looks pretty, those are a better fit for other rooms in your home. In this regard, practicality overrules aesthetic appeal.

Ambient Lights 

Ambient lights set the mood for the room as a whole. In other words, these fixtures serve as general overhead lighting for the entire kitchen. Without these lights, it would be impossible to see anything in your kitchen, even if you have other light sources. Nowadays, you’ll find that recessed lighting is a trendy style. Older homes will more than likely have a single solitary light in their kitchen. The tradeoff is that there will be a ceiling fan in there instead. Including some more energy-efficient lights won’t be a huge hit to your wallet, either. That’s something to think about when drawing up renovation plans!

Task Lights 

Task lights are also hugely important. The general lights illuminate the kitchen (and some of the connected rooms, to boot.) Task lights increase the functionality and useability of your home’s kitchen. That’s because they function as spotlights for food prep, cooking, and other essential tasks such as rinsing dishes before they’re ready for the dishwasher. Many stoves will have such a light built into them. A simple button-press will activate this feature, making using your cooktop and avoiding mishaps much easier. However, in order to maximize the benefits of task lighting, you’ll have to consider the layout, design, and features of the kitchen. A remodeling or renovation project could be necessary just to upgrade the lights on their own.

Accent Lights

Finally, let’s talk about accent lights. When it comes to giving your kitchen a much-needed facelift, picking out the overhead accent kitchen lighting is going to be the best part. Use softer lights to call attention to your snazzy new backsplash that resembles a small-scale mural. Or, you can install a chandelier instead; if that doesn’t catch your fancy, vintage-looking pendant lights could do the trick instead. Have you wanted to spotlight your kitchen island’s tea and coffee bar? Now you can!

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