5 Unexpected Ways to Creatively Decorate Your New-Look Kitchen

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Way to go! Now that your remodeled kitchen is complete, pat yourself on the back.

Way to go! Now that your remodeled kitchen is complete, pat yourself on the back. After all, you can feel proud of all the hard work that went into manifesting the new-look kitchen of your dreams. Even so, you might be at a loss at how to decorate your redone space. You’re in luck because we’ve assembled this handy guide to help you out! 

Integrate Some More Interesting Tiles 

Intricate tilework can genuinely help your kitchen stand out. It’s easy to assume that tiles only belong on the kitchen floor or covering the backsplashes. However, this belief is a common misconception. Walls adorned with intriguing graphic patterns, or a stunning mural will elevate the walls’ look and feel. 

Play Around with Chalkboard Paint

Another idea we have for you is pretty simple. Try playing around with chalkboard paint. This suggestion becomes more realistic when you also plan to incorporate rustic-looking barn doors into your home’s interior design. You can also repaint accent walls to achieve this effect. That way, your weekly schedule, grocery lists, and dinner menu can all be kept in easy sight. 

Put Your Artistic Talents on Display 

Painting could be one of your passions. In that case, feel free to put your artistic talents on display. Gone are the days where you need to stick the drawings your kids make on the fridge – make the whole room into an imaginative canvas! Open shelves and empty ledges also present unexpected but delightful opportunities. Cookbooks, magazines, kitchen gadgets, and decorations are also bound to show your personality, interests, and hobbies! 

Create a Gallery Wall 

Building off of that last point, why not curate a full-blown gallery wall? Wall art can have multiple meanings – so don’t feel bound to include works by “serious” artists. Supplement the works of renowned master artists like Picasso, Magritte, Van Gogh, Warhol, O’Keefe, and Jackson Pollock with funny sayings, sentimental pictures, and favorite quotations from your cherished fandoms!

Put Baskets to Aesthetic Use 

This last recommendation might sound odd at first. Baskets serve multiple purposes – for one thing, they can increase the storage capacity that you’ll need far more than you think you do. Plus, vintage baskets can add some much-needed texture. If you have a particular aesthetic in mind, these baskets could add an extra dimension to your desired design!

Choose Your Home Hardware From WalterWorks

No matter what type of home hardware and decorative touches you choose, WalterWorks Hardware has the expertise and supplies you need. Residents throughout Maryland, Washington, D.C., and the northern Virginia area love us for our fantastic hardware and unbeatable knowledge. For more information, please call us at (410) 263-9711 or contact us online. For more tips on choosing hardware for your home, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Houzz, and Pinterest.

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