What Exactly Are Console Vanities?

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Console vanities make a classic statement about your home.

Console vanities make a classic statement about your home. Plus, you can use them to make your bathrooms look even more elegant. It doesn’t matter whether that bathroom is a humble powder room or a grand master suite. However, it’s highly likely that the first time you hear the term “console vanity,” you might not know what it’s supposed to mean. We are here to enlighten you! So sit back, relax, and read on! 

How Are Console Vanities Different? 

First things first, let’s talk about what sets console vanities apart from the crowd. These features are also known as console bathroom sinks. They merge the best aspects of wall-mounted and pedestal sinks. Of course, the sink is supported by a set of legs that reach the bathroom floor. It could be either two or four, depending on the design. You might also see some room between the counter and the floor. However, in some cases, your configuration will include open shelves or drawers for better accessibility. 

What About Pedestal Sinks?

Now we can switch gears a little bit. The console-style is somewhat more “opened-up” than its counterpart. An emphasis on physical openness also grants more storage space. Since there is more room for wheelchair access, universal design concepts are respected as well. Plus, you’ll get more counter space and a nice boost to the bathroom’s aesthetic appeal to boot. 

Comparing Advantages

Let’s talk about the advantages of console vanities and their potential disadvantages as well. In the column of “benefits,” you can put down the following items: 

  • Enough counter space to suit your needs
  • Extra leg width facilitates handicap accessibility
  • It is incredibly stylish 
  • You can include storage baskets underneath 
  • Typical setups include shelves, drawers, and towel bars 

As with many other home improvement or renovation projects, however, there are bound to be some drawbacks, such as: 

  • Extra width takes up more space along the wall
  • The exposed plumbing will need a pretty-looking finish
  • You could require more sophisticated installation techniques
  • You won’t get as much storage as you would with a traditional vanity  

Factors Affecting Your Final Decision 

Ultimately, consider how you live your life. Your lifestyle, along with your family’s daily routines, will impact the decisions you make when it comes to bathroom remodeling. Think about the size, style, legs, mount, storage, and plumbing before choosing the console vanity you want to use. 

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