Don’t Make These Mistakes While Upgrading Your Bathroom!

bathroom mistakes

Consider the placement of your toilet carefully when upgrading your bathroom.

Without a doubt, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your entire home. Certain configurations are just better for particular family units – for instance, a young newlywed couple who finally have a taste of living together on their own can be perfectly happy with a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment. But once their circumstances change, multiple universal-design bathrooms will become more useful. In short, avoid making these mistakes

The Windows Are in the Wrong Spot 

Having windows in the bathroom might seem intrusive, but they are an integral design of bathrooms that can be exposed to the outside world. Plus, the advent of frosted glass has made this situation much less awkward than it used to be. Windows should be placed higher up on the wall instead of lower. This is because water damage can be a result of the window being too close to the showerhead. If you don’t want mold and mildew in your new-look bathroom, then you will keep this factor in mind as you proceed. 

The Toilet Placement Doesn’t Make Sense 

Despite the name of the room, toilets are just as important as bathtubs or walk-in showers. After all, the invention of indoor plumbing has been one of civilization’s greatest achievements. A separate toilet room can make a huge difference, though; even a clean toilet can be unsightly. However, you’ve got to make sure there is enough space – it might make more sense for an upstairs master bathroom than for a guest bathroom by the front door. 

It’s Too Dark In There 

Don’t downplay the value of light in your bathroom – no matter what it is you are doing in there. For instance, the vanity will need plenty of light without it being too harsh on the eyes. Windows and skylights are tremendous additions, and frosted glass doors can bring in even more light. 

Insufficient Storage Space

One of the fundamental elements of any residential living arrangement is having enough space to neatly store everything you need – or else clutter will quickly become the bane of your existence. Your new vanities should have drawers, or you could experiment with a tower vanity. Standalone cubbies and shelves can give you another landing zone for bathroom linens and clean clothes before you’re ready to put them on; shower niches for shampoos and soaps are good ideas as well. 

The Shower Drains Are Centered 

Although at first glance, this might sound like an unimportant detail, you will be surprised by how much of a difference it can make to your overall bathroom design. Off-center drains help the drains work faster since your feet won’t block them. 

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