Avoiding Common Mistakes During Your Bathroom Remodel

Avoiding Common Mistakes During Your Bathroom Remodel

It’s easy to make a multitude of changes, but you can also make mistakes. Don’t let that happen to your bathroom remodel!

Let’s say that the time has come to give your bathroom a new look. Which parts of the room stand out to you the most? More than likely, you’ll say something about the walls, the floors, the tub, the shower, and the toilet. The mirror, sink, and vanity are also probably subject to change as well. It’s easy to make a multitude of changes, but you can also make mistakes. Don’t let that happen to your bathroom remodel! 

Pay Attention to the Fan 

Bathroom remodeling projects don’t always need to make sweeping changes. However, it’s easy to overlook the elements that aren’t at eye-level. In other words, give the fan some attention. The exhaust fan pushes out humidity and helps cut down on the moisture buildup in the bathroom. Otherwise, the abundance of mold and mildew can make you and your family members sick. On top of that, the paint, grout, and metal will start to degrade. Once the bathroom remodels are complete, vacuum out the vent fan. 

Put a Coherent Plan Together 

Every home improvement project needs a good plan. Without one, the renovation might not yield the results or outcomes you want. The plans should include all of the necessary details – accurate measurements, projected costs, the materials you need, and the aesthetic feel you’re looking for. Talk to your family members and contractors who can bring your dreams to life! 

Watch This Space 

As important as aesthetics are, always remember that the ultimate goal is to make the bathroom more functional. That’s why you need to account for space between fixtures during the bathroom remodel process. The layout and spacing should come before the decoration phase. Following all relevant building codes is important, but you will want to ensure that there is a comfortable amount of space in the room. 

Picking the Right Materials 

Homeowners who look to rush through renovation projects often forget about picking the right materials. This mistake is a huge oversight that you should avoid. Wood vanities need to be painted and stained against water damage – and it might make more sense to use moisture-resistant paint than classy wallpaper that can break down due to heat and steam. 

Choose Your Home Hardware From WalterWorks

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