4 Lighting Fixtures for Your Kitchen Islands

4 Lighting Fixtures for Your Kitchen Islands

Did you know that even smaller kitchens can have an island in it? The recessed lighting fixtures actually help the kitchen feel opened up.

Illumination matters in every part of your home. Considering how much time you spend in it, you deserve to have the best lighting used in your kitchen. Are you thinking about adding an island to your kitchen at some point before the year is out? Then you can’t forget about how to light up the new prep space. Here is more information for your perusal. 


A pendant light doesn’t have to be alone! You can have up to three of them at a time lighting up your kitchen island. Lighting fixtures provide mood lighting as much as they provide functional task lighting. Finding the right pendant lights can be a bit tricky though. For one thing, you will want to make sure that the lighting isn’t too overpowering. Shorter kitchen islands can also get by with only using two pendants. When you have a high ceiling and a long island, you can also experiment with the size of the pendants you use.

Clear Glass Pendants

However, you do have a choice before you: do you want regular pendant lights or clear glass pendants? At first glance, you might not think there is a difference between the two types. Clear glass pendants are often shaped like globes although sometimes the bare bulb will be left exposed. They can serve to make your kitchen look more elegant and imbue it with a sense of airiness and whimsy. It also helps give the illusion of spaciousness which can be a boon when your kitchen feels too crowded.

Recessed Lighting

Now let’s talk about recessed lighting. Recessed can lights provide a smoother, more low-key look. It’s also a better fit for homes that have low ceilings. Did you know that even smaller kitchens can have an island in it? The recessed lighting fixtures actually help the kitchen feel opened up. You’ll also hear them referred to as pot lights or high hat lights.  


Flush-mount and semi-flush lighting fixtures can also take your kitchen to the next level. These lights aren’t as dramatic, so depending on the vibe you are going for in your redesigned kitchen, they might not fit your new vision. Over-island light fixtures can cast light around the entire room. 

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