How to Spruce Up a Small Kitchen

How to Spruce Up a Small Kitchen

Do you have a small kitchen? You can transform it into something unbelievable.

Do you have a small kitchen? You can transform it into something unbelievable. Even though a large, wide-open kitchen has been seen as something desirable, maybe your lifestyle doesn’t fit with that design. Or you simply don’t have enough room in your home to justify that renovation choice. In any case, here are some ideas on how to make your small kitchen a lovely place to be

Reasons to Reconsider Smaller Kitchens 

Having a small kitchen can actually save space in your home. By downsizing your kitchen, you can make more room for larger living rooms, home offices, and bedrooms. You can even add a guest bathroom to your home if you wish. A small kitchen is also much less expensive. This can be a relief for your budget. Also, from an ergonomic perspective, small kitchens are even better since they emphasize the traditional work triangle.  

Add More Light

Another way to breathe new life into your kitchen is to add more light. Use lighter paint colors for your small kitchen, since dark paint can make it feel even smaller than it should be. 

Make the Sink Smaller 

You can also experiment with design choices by making the sink smaller. What this means is that the sink should have its own dedicated space in the kitchen. The other parts of the kitchen can be retasked for food preparation instead. You don’t have as much space in a smaller kitchen, so making the most out of every inch is a necessity. 

Pursue Minimalist Design Principles

Along those same lines, do what you can to pursue minimalist design principles. Using freestanding furniture is a great way to pull this off. You still have everything you need, but the minimalist aesthetic means you don’t have more than you need. 

Lay Out a Galley Kitchen

Our final suggestion involves laying out a galley kitchen. A galley is also sometimes called a corridor kitchen. It’s essentially a hallway with counters on both sides. One side features the sink, the stove, the dishwasher, and so on; meanwhile, the other side has cabinets and counters. You can make a galley kitchen work for you, especially in a smaller home where you don’t have much room to make a remodel or renovation work out as smoothly. 

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