What Are Kerf Door Jambs Supposed to Be?

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It’s probably a good time to review the fundamentals of door jambs in general before we continue.

Ordinary homeowners probably don’t know much about door construction. That’s perfectly fine! After all, homeowners everywhere have other concerns to focus on. Are you planning an extensive remodel of your home? Or are you preparing to finalize a custom home? Either way, planning every last detail can be a constructive way to ensure that you get what you want out of the finished product.   

A Closer Look at Door Jambs 

It’s probably a good time to review the fundamentals of door jambs in general before we continue. Every door in your home is a little bit different, but they do share some commonalities. For instance, entry doors feature numerous door jambs. They’re frequently called the legs of the door frames. This is because the jambs are supposed to hold the mounting hinges steady. Such a configuration also supports the strike plate. In turn, the strike plate keeps the door’s latch steady. Thus, the door and the frame form a cohesive unit that can open and close. It’s a common misconception that casing and trims are identical to door jambs, which is simply not the case.  

Other Necessary Components 

Let’s now turn our attention to other necessary components of the door frame. Think of the door head as the jambs as a lock-and-key system. Door heads contain grooves that the jambs align with. Meanwhile, Sills and thresholds are a crucial element of exterior doors because they add extra stability and repel excess moisture that can interfere with the door’s integrity. Doorstops, weather stripping, and jamb casings are the other pieces that complete the door’s puzzle, so to speak.

Reasons to Use Kerf Door Jambs

Caseless door jambs are also referred to as “kerfed”; they are a different door design option. Suppose you don’t want to use casing – that’s where kerf or kerfed door jambs come into play. The kerf refers to a slot in the jamb for drywall to meet it halfway. The trim casing becomes unnecessary and gives your home an extra aesthetic boost. Again, at this point, we urge you to begin the process of designing your home’s doors with some forethought. That’s mainly since the kerf door jambs need to be installed before the drywall is.

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