How to Incorporate Rustic-Looking Barn Doors Into Your Home’s Interior Design

How to Incorporate Rustic-Looking Barn Doors Into Your Home’s Interior Design

One of the benefits of installing barn doors is that they are so flexible.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve discussed jib doors and pocket doors. Meanwhile, we only briefly touched on the concept of using barn doors. At first glance, this configuration might not seem sensible or even possible – unless you’re planning to build a custom home from the ground-up, that is! However, this is a common and notable misconception that many homeowners might encounter. Learn more from this guide that we have prepared for you!

Disguising Your Secondary Kitchenette 

If you have functional spaces such as a storage nook or a powder room, you can hide them behind a barn door. One of the benefits of installing barn doors is that they are so flexible. Since they are mounted on sliding tracks, you can open and close doors as needed. You can also use these doors to disguise a secondary kitchenette or butler’s pantry if you have one.

Creating More Space for Your Guests 

At least for a little while longer, game nights and dinner parties will have to take place remotely. Social distancing measures follow common-sense guidelines, but in the meantime, you can focus on upgrading your home’s interior. One fantastic example of doing so involves adding some barn doors that will surprisingly open up more space for when you can have friends and relatives come over more regularly.

Integrating the Edges to Conceal the Door 

Barn doors serve as a talking point for sure – after all, you’ll want to show off this major new improvement to your home’s floor plan. That said, you can also find ways to use barn doors to hide a secret library or personal collection of high-priced wine. By choosing the same cladding style for the rest of the room, you can make this happen! Knotted pine is a remarkably subtle and ingenious way to integrate the door’s edges to be almost invisible. 

Taking Advantage of an Enormous Chalkboard

Keeping whiteboards hung at strategic points around your home represents a uniquely practical way to draw up to-do lists and meal menus for the week. What if you could take that idea and pump it up a notch? That’s where barn doors enter the picture. Besides providing another easy-to-clean writing surface, you can use the door to cunningly conceal a bathroom via the use of a well-placed pocket door.   

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