Do You Know What Jib Doors Are?

Do You Know What Jib Doors Are?

There is a specific name for these cunning hideaways: jib doors.

Do you have a secret? Once upon a time, hidden doors concealed items and rooms no one wanted to have found, least of all the homeowners. These days, however, secret doors and enclosures are becoming all the rage. There is a specific name for these cunning hideaways: jib doors. Take a minute to think back about what is on your ultimate wish list for your home: besides exposed brick, a loft bedroom, and a fancy sound system, maybe you want a trick bookcase that spins around to reveal a secret passage? Read on to learn more! 

Deciding Where It Will Go 

First off, you will want to narrow down your options for where this jib door will go. Plus, no one said you couldn’t have more than one! More often than not, jib doors can hide closets, central rooms, and even basement entrances. For instance, a false wall in the closet can cover up another small room that maybe you can use as a full-on walk-in closet! Central rooms may sound unusual (after all, what differentiates them from a living room or a den?). Still, it merely means that it is a room without any windows. Therefore, they are away from outside areas of your home. Also, jib doors can help your basement look smaller than it is, or bigger if you like!

Various Ideas

Doors to secret rooms are just as necessary as placing where the private room will even be! For bookcases, invisible hinges can help create a makeshift latch. Also, try using a brick facade to hide a door; alternatively, you could choose to cover up trim and molding to help disguise where the entryway is.  

Focus on the Hardware 

As with many other elements of your home, you cannot ignore the importance of the hardware involved in holding everything together. The jib door aesthetics are a big deal- even if you aren’t using it to store valuable items such as money or jewelry. If your “secret door” is too obvious, then that defeats the purpose of the door in the first place. Hidden hinges, latches, doorknobs, and handles can all keep your jib door secure! Just remember to hide the handle or make it blend in so no one can spot it too quickly.

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