Decoding the Cremone Bolt: What is It Supposed to Do?

Decoding the Cremone Bolt: What is It Supposed to Do?

Despite what you may think at first, cremone bolts are not colors.

Despite what you may think at first, cremone bolts are not colors. They’re not fancy pieces of fabric, either. In reality, surface bolts and cremone bolts are two types of humble hardware. Although they have been around for ages, they are still durable and dependable. Plus, they can make your home-life more convenient in subtle but gratifying ways. Let’s learn more about these obscure fixtures that stand the test of time. 

Enduring Designs That Won’t Let You Down 

Sit down with your family and discuss the security of your home. Modern security systems and high-tech Nest cameras protect the entire house from its foundation to its roof. So, you might be wondering what hardware bolts have to do with this conversation. Allow us to enlighten you! Bolts are underappreciated hardware pieces that keep doors, windows, shutters, gates, and cabinets locked. Some examples of these reliable and enduring designs are: 

  • Surface bolts
  • Dutch door bolts
  • Slide bolts
  • Flush surface bolts
  • Shutter bolts
  • Mortise door bolts
  • Gate bolts
  • Cremone bolts 

What Do Surface Bolts Do?

Surface bolts and slide bolts are of an older vintage.  Even so,  don’t dismiss them as outdated and useless. They’re still surprisingly effective at what they do, and subsequently, they’re quite popular. Plus, these bolts happen to be both decorative and versatile. The bolt mechanism itself mounts onto a door’s surface, but it does not interface with the door’s mortise.  

And What About Cremone Bolt?

Cremone bolts, are on the other hand, are a unique variety of surface bolts. For the most part, their use revolves around double-door sets and French doors. When a cremone is present, the user can smoothly lock or unlock two door locks with only one handle. Experiment with one type or the other when you are looking to upgrade your home’s hardware.  

Widely-Offered Finishes for Your New Cremone

We’re almost at the finish line – see what we did there? All home projects give you a wide selection of options; choose the ones that most appeal to you. Rustic finishes are extra attention-grabbing. Solid brass and iron are the two standard metals used to craft both types of bolts. Meanwhile, the three most in-demand finishes are rust, black powder coat, and oil-blackened coat. Oxidation is a pitfall of raw iron that leads to gradual degradation. Sealants such as furniture wax provide a measure of protection, however. 

Despite its name, the baked-on black powder coat is shiny and eye-catching. You won’t have to worry about maintaining it that often, and it will never wear off. Finally, the oil-blackened finish means that the raw iron is pre-oiled for you. Please pay attention to it, though: this coating isn’t permanent. As it wears off, the iron underneath is exposed to the air and begins to rust. Consequently, the coat will also erode. Furniture wax and clear-coat sealants are your best defenses against nature’s sneaky slow decay of time.   

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