A Guide to Making Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger Than It Is

A Guide to Making Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger Than It Is

We also recommend that you dabble in changing the overall color scheme in your bathroom.

The power of optical illusions is undeniable. For example, it is possible to make any room in your home look bigger than it actually is; this means good things for homeowners. Kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, even private libraries that are cunningly hidden away from the rest of the house can be expanded without affecting total square footage. Here is a guide on how to do this for bathrooms in particular

Use Different Types of Vanities 

One suggestion is to use different types of vanities in your new-look bathroom. Freestanding and wall-hung vanities are great options. This means that there appears to be more floor space. The vanity matters more than you might think; it serves as one of the anchors of the room and changing the vanity will make it less cramped. Moving wall shelves and accessories out of the way will also reduce visual clutter. 

Change Up the Color Scheme 

We also recommend that you dabble in changing the overall color scheme in your bathroom. The color palate can trick the eye (and your brain, for that matter) that the bathroom looks and feels bigger than it truly is. Choose neutrals, whites, and cooler colors, because bolder ones will dominate the space

Make Sure It’s Clean 

Yes, a filthy bathroom can cause the room to feel like it’s shrinking, and no one wants to be inside it regardless. Beyond keeping it looking and smelling clean, experimenting with a minimalist aesthetic can help too – again reducing the visual clutter. 

Add As Much Light As You Can 

Light is important for every room in your house, and bathrooms are no exception. Recessed cans, wall sconces, windows, and skylights can inject more natural light into your redesigned bathrooms, even if it’s found in the basement. 

Use More Glass and Mirrors 

Glass and mirrors also make a gigantic impact on the apparent size of each room inside your home – so use them to their fullest potential. Accent tiles and medicine cabinets can add even more storage space than you think you’ll need, which is always a good thing. Plus, frosted glass has its uses especially as a privacy screen, but you might want to choose a clear glass alternative. 

Picking the Best Possible Tiles  

Large tiles can change the feeling of your kitchen, and the same principle applies to bathrooms as well. Mosaics can grab the eye but also distract you and anyone else who wants to step into the bathroom. Rectangular tiles, white subway tiles, and clean grout can all help out in this regard. 


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