3 High-End Plumbing Fixtures to Add to Your New Kitchen

3 High-End Plumbing Fixtures to Add to Your New Kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen can transform your cooking space into someplace truly impressive.

Remodeling your kitchen can transform your cooking space into someplace truly impressive. One way to do that is to replace your outdated appliances and fixtures with newer models that are far more efficient. The advent of and skyrocketing popularity of smart technology has had a long-reaching impact on all aspects of home design – so why should kitchens and bathrooms be any different? We have put together a quick guide to some features to put on your wish list. 

Prep Sinks 

Let’s start by talking about the prep sink. These sinks can take your kitchen island to the next level. What was your experience like cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year? A small and cramped kitchen can make the process more frustrating and time-consuming than it needs to be if everyone is fighting over accessing water to fill up a pot or washing fruits and veggies. It’s also a quick way to wash your hands after handling raw meat and given the importance of hand-washing these days, you’ll want to do everything you can to help slow the spread of germs.  

Pot Fillers 

Even though it doesn’t seem like it, trying to fill up a pot can be more stressful than you might think. Plus, once it’s full of water, it gets heavy, and hauling it from the sink to the stove can be a chore in its own right. Once you install a pot filler, though, this conundrum goes away. Spare yourself the pain that could affect your hands, wrists, and back. Another important consideration is the enhanced ability to multitask. As with prep sinks, you’ll be able to fill up multiple pots and rinse off some pasta. Meanwhile, you’ll also be able to set aside one sink as a landing zone for dirty dishes.

Second Dishwasher

Speaking of dirty dishes, a second dishwasher can make your life easier. Part of the reason this appliance was invented in the first place was to be a labor-saving device. Plus, handwashing might not always get all of the grease and food debris off. A backup dishwasher can be immensely helpful if your original one stops working. Moreover, consider how you’ll be able to run two loads at once, or designate one as a drying rack of sorts for clean dishes and have the other one be for dirty dishes instead!    

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