Common Questions About the Medicine Cabinets in Your Bathroom

Common Questions About the Medicine Cabinets in Your Bathroom

How often do you think about the medicine cabinets that are installed in your bathroom?

How often do you think about the medicine cabinets that are installed in your bathroom? Chances are good that you probably take them for granted. They are much more useful than you might think – for instance, you can have more than one! Obviously, this depends on the amount of space you have available, but that can always be changed. Here now are some common questions about the medicine cabinets that you’d probably like answered. 

Do You Want Them to be Recessed or Mounted?

Recessed cabinets are placed inside the wall, while mounted cabinets are placed on the wall. What are the distinctions between them? We are pleased that you would ask. Recessed cabinets can give you more light; mounted ones cannot do so. The real difference is that the lightbulbs over a recessed cabinet will not be concealed or obscured in some way. Depending on the configuration and size of the bathroom in question, this might not be the best choice. One reason for this is that it’s quicker and easier to install a mounted cabinet.  

How Many Mirrors Should They Have? 

Mirrors are a fundamental part of any medicine cabinet. Even though the cabinets usually only have one mirror, you can pair up two in the same bathroom; likewise, you can have up to three! Mirrors can be situated on the outside, on the inside of the door (bet you didn’t know that), and even behind the shelf itself. This setup may sound cluttered, but it can yield benefits if you need to share the room with several other housemates! 

Do They Need to Have Frames? 

Finally, don’t forget to contemplate the question of frames. Windows have frames. Pictures have frames. But the real question is, do medicine cabinets need them? It comes down to what you want; frameless mirrors for medicine cabinets can facilitate future remodeling projects that you haven’t envisioned yet. 

Storage Options to Consider 

And now, we can talk about the storage options you have at your disposal. Adjustable shelves make a huge difference. Plus, drawers can be installed beneath the mirror or inside the cabinet itself much like they could be elsewhere in your home. Locks and security drawers can protect medications or other items you want to keep hidden. 

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