A Simple Yet Complex Question: What Are Hinge Doors?

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Many homeowners are probably left scratching their heads when they hear the term “hinge doors,” so right now, we will explain what that means!

One essential element of improving your home is to reconsider the doors. Many choices abound, whether you want to swap out the exterior doors or change up the doors inside! That said, many homeowners are probably left scratching their heads when they hear the term “hinge doors,” so right now, we will explain what that means!

So What Are Hinges?

First things first, it’ll probably help if we define what hinges are. Hinges are a special piece of door hardware. This mechanism brings together two adjunct objects or components. Such a device depends on the principle of rotation – and they need a fixed axis as well. Think about the joints that allow your arms, legs, and fingers to move. That’s pretty much the same concept! 

Where Do They Go? 

So now, we can discuss where the hinges belong. They’re installed into door panels; two leaves are connected via the inclusion of a center pivot point. One of these panels is attached to the doorframe, while its counterpart aligns with the door itself.  

Does My Door Need More Than One? 

The above question can be a baffling one for most homeowners. After all, you have plenty of other concerns on your mind. Therefore, you probably haven’t dedicated yourself to studying the intricacies of hinge doors. Ultimately, the number of hinges that your door requires comes down to its physical attributes. How big is the door, and how heavy is it? While it’s easy to assume these factors don’t matter at first, it turns out that the opposite is true instead. Sometimes, you’ll only need two hinges, while in others, you must have six to support the door!

Where Should I Put Hinged Doors? 

Placing the hinged doors can be another tricky prospect. The good thing about them is their versatility. Since they are the standard door design, installation is easy. It’s this universal aspect that can simplify matters when you are deciding where nicer doors should go. Front door? Sure. Back door? Absolutely. The door that connects the garage and the mudroom? Perfect. 

Why Should I Select Hinged Doors?

In the end, the choice is yours! They make great choices for brand new doors and are also solid options for replacement doors. You can even specify if you want a framed door or a frameless model instead! They can open in, out, or both, so no more wondering if it’s a PUSH door or a PULL door!

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