3 Ways to Choose Hardware for Interior Doors

3 Ways to Choose Hardware for Interior Doors

Doors are an integral part of any home.

Doors are an integral part of any home. When it comes time to give your home a makeover, you probably only think about the exterior, such as the front entry or the garage. You can’t overlook the interior of your home, though. Here are some ways to choose hardware for that purpose.

Consider the Style 

First of all, you’ll want to consider the style of door hardware you want. This is where you can have the most fun. Want an older, more elegant feel to your home? Then you should choose glass or porcelain for your knobs. Brass knobs are another possible choice since they are sleek and elegant as well. In short, think about the aesthetic of your home as it is now and what direction you want to push it in.  

Consider the Finish 

The next step is to consider the finishes you have in mind for your door hardware. The kitchen cabinet hardware and ceiling fixtures should be taken into account. Matching them is one idea, but another is going in the direction of contrast. Coordinating the finish of the strike plate and the door jamb with the side of the door leading into the room. Think about bronze for doors leading into bathrooms, hallways, and bedrooms. Polished chrome is another finish that you might be interested in using as well. 

Consider the Set Type 

You’ve also got to consider the set types depending on what you want the door to look like and what you want the door hardware to do. A plain or passage door set is best for doors that you just want to open and close. These doors come equipped with tube latches and strike plates. 

Privacy doors work a little differently. These have simple locks and are typically used for bedrooms and bathrooms. Thumb turns and keyholes are parts of these doors. Closet doors, on the other hand, have what is called a door spindle. This makes it easier to operate on both sides of the door. 

Dummy door sets are best for when you don’t need a latch at all. There is one knob, one plate, and spindle to mount these door sets wherever you need to pull them.  

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