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The mirror is the most used fixture in a bathroom and makes grooming a lot easier while adding a lot of flare to any bathroom space.

It’s time to completely renovate your bathroom or make some changes. It’s easy to be tempted to switch out the “big stuff”—the tub, shower, toilet, or sink; but what about the “small stuff”? the things that are considered last or not at all like a mirror. A bathroom mirror—often last but certainly not least, should be as carefully considered as anything else in your bathroom.  Your bathroom mirror is used every day and for most people, the most used fixture in their bathroom. It makes grooming a lot easier and can add a lot of flare and personality to your bathroom space. There are so many options when it comes to choosing the perfect mirror for your space varying in shape, size, color, and material. Today we’ll go over a quick guide to choosing the right bathroom mirror for you.

The Basics

Most mirrors are placed above the bathroom sinks and if yours is too, your sink could heavily influence what size mirror you should choose. If you have a larger sink, you may not want to go with a small mirror as it would not complement your bathroom space. Your height and wall space should also be key factors to consider when deciding on a mirror.

A difference between large and small mirrors is how much space they could occupy. However, it’s also important to remember how much reflection space you desire. A larger mirror gives the illusion of a much bigger bathroom space, but a smaller mirror leaves more room for other wall accessories you may want to add such as photos or a clock.

Frame or no frame? It’s important to choose between a frame or no frame. If you are aiming for a cleaner more simply spa-like aesthetic, frameless is a great way to go. Framed mirrors add more details and could visually fill a space.


The size of a bathroom mirror is usually determined by the vanity size. Measuring the vanity or sink could assist you in narrowing down your options. Typically, mirrors are between two and four inches narrower than the vanity however, this can vary based on your bathroom’s style.


Mirror shapes can vary from rectangular, oval, circular, etc. If you have a larger vanity that occupies more space in your bathroom, a long rectangular mirror may be more aesthetically pleasing. If your vanity is smaller in size and shorter in length, you may find a circular mirror to be more appealing. Keep in mind that mirrors can also be custom-made to fit perfectly in your space.

There are many key components to consider when choosing a bathroom mirror perfectly fitting for you and your space. There’s no need to stress about all of the many options; let us do the work and find a manufacturer to provide you with the mirror of your dreams.

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