How to Pick the Best Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

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Kitchen cabinet hardware is a small way to compliment a big (or small) kitchen and its other fixtures.

Kitchen cabinet hardware is often an overlooked part of the kitchen. What aspects come to mind first when you think about kitchen remodeling? We can guess that one of your answers might be elements such as the cabinets, flooring, countertops, and kitchen island. However, a kitchen remodeling project isn’t complete until you consider subtle touches such as the form and function of kitchen cabinet hardware. Decorative hardware comes in various types, sizes, styles, materials, and finishes, ensuring that this final touch reflects your personality. Here is our helpful guide on picking the best kitchen cabinet hardware. 

Types of Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Your hardware should complement your home’s style while being functional and easy to use. Test the hardware to see how it fits your hand and what size and shape you prefer. Consider if you’d like a knob or pull. Our showroom allows you to explore whatever design ideas you have in mind. 


You could also mix and match knobs and pulls to create visual interest. If you like this idea, ensure that the knobs and pulls are the same styles. For example, both hardware types should be modern rather than mixing modern and traditional. Another idea is to use one type of hardware style throughout the kitchen for a clean look.

Size and Placement of Handles

Proportion, balance, aesthetics, and function are relevant when picking a knob or pull’s size. If you own an oversized cabinet door, it needs a larger piece of hardware for the proper functionality. The inverse is true for smaller doors. Traditional or transitional style pulls look best when they are at least one-third of the length of the cabinet drawer. Drawers over eighteen inches wide might need more than one knob or pull. 


The pulls’ placement is usually horizontal on drawers while vertical on doors. However, in a contemporary kitchen, you can think about placing the pulls on the doors horizontally for a sleek look. 

Styles, Materials, and Finishes to Consider

Some styles to consider include: 

  1. Contemporary: A contemporary kitchen is streamlined, not highly ornate, and linear bar handles or curved barrel handles would pair well in this type of kitchen
  2. Transitional: Mixes contemporary and traditional elements such as inset-door cabinetry with hardware that isn’t hard-edged and modern yet isn’t too decorative. 
  3. Traditional: Decorate with details such as ornate drop handles or fancy knobs. 
  4. Rustic: Farmhouse kitchens work best with simple knobs or oil-rubbed bronze, copper, or black finish. 
  5. Eclectic: An informal, relaxed style. Seashell knobs pair well with beach houses, and painted knobs in striking colors work with any eclectic style. 

Some materials to consider include: 

  • Brass: Durable and antimicrobial, reducing the spread of germs
  • Bronze: Also antimicrobial and works well with cabinets consisting of thick wood
  • Glass: Excellent idea if you prefer a vintage aesthetic

There are also numerou finishes to choose from. Stainless steel with a highly polished or brushed finish works well in a contemporary kitchen. Pewter and bronze complement a traditional kitchen, while a black finish coupled with a light-colored cabinet adds drama to a transitional kitchen. 


It doesn’t have to be difficult to pick the best kitchen cabinet hardware. Contact WalterWorks today whenever you’re ready to enhance your kitchen with new hardware. 

Give Your Kitchen Your Dream Design With WalterWorks Hardware

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