The Advantages of a Bathroom Pedestal Sink

The Advantages of a Bathroom Pedestal Sink

Replacing a sink can improve your bathroom. Consider the many benefits of a pedestal sink for a completely updated look. Read on for some benefits!

When you decide that it is time to update your bathroom, you could decide to go all-out, replace everything from the vanity to the tub, and do a complete overhaul or maybe just keep it simple and simply update the fixtures and features. There are pros and cons to each. In almost any case, replacing a major component, like the sink or the toilet, will have a huge effect on the final outcome. If you’re looking to replace your bathroom sink, consider the many benefits of a pedestal sink for a completely updated look. 


One of the defining characteristics of a pedestal sink is that it is an elegant look. This type of sink, especially when compared to bulky, boxy cabinets, looks sleek and beautiful. It is most often made of glazed porcelain, though the color and design options are many. The surface is smooth (making it nice to touch) and easy to clean. Finally, the overall silhouette of the feature is pleasing to the eye and tends to draw the gaze. 

Space Saving

The number one reason that many people choose to go with a pedestal sink is that it saves a lot of space. The shape and dimensions of most pedestal sinks mean that they make the room appear to be bigger, so even if you don’t actually gain additional square footage of space, you will gain the feeling of it. 

Limited Storage

However, it is important to remember what you are also losing. If your current sink sits on a vanity that has cabinets, drawers, or a combination, then you are losing all of that storage space. That storage area may be making your bathroom feel cramped, but if you are currently using it, you will surely notice when it is gone.


While installing a pedestal sink is usually very easy it is important to note that changing any plumbing feature should be done by a professional. It is important to discuss the intended change with a plumber who can advise you on what will be needed to make it work. Also, while not a plumbing issue, if you are replacing a cabinet, you will likely need to paint behind where it used to be, since that space will now be visible around and behind the pedestal.

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