3 Things to Consider About Bathroom Vanities


A good tip is to measure your bathroom space to ensure that your vanity will fit perfectly.

Bathroom vanities could either make or break your bathroom’s aesthetic; a perfect way to keep clutter at bay with the right amount of storage space; they are usually considered to have a significant impact on your bathroom renovation because they could occupy a lot of your bathroom space. There are so many things to consider that you may not know where to begin; that’s perfectly okay. At WalterWorks, we work with great manufacturers that can bring all your ideas to life. Do you still need some time to decide? That’s okay; in the meantime, we’ve compiled a small list of things for you to consider about your new bathroom vanity below.

1. Your Layout

Whether you’re considering completely remodeling or have decided to work with your existing space, your layout should be considered early in the renovating process.


An excellent way to plan and successfully execute your new layout is to visualize how you plan to use your bathroom and what will help you feel satisfied daily while using it.  For example, if you plan to do daily grooming in your bathroom, whether it be facial grooming, hair, or makeup, it would be best to leave space on your vanity to store your products comfortably with little to no clutter. If you plan on using your bathroom to get dressed comfortably, leave enough room to maneuver as freely as possible with little to no limitations.

2. Measure Your Space

It is essential to measure bathroom space when ensuring that bathroom vanities will fit perfectly and not take up too much or even too little space. The last thing you would want is your bathroom space to be occupied by your vanity. A big part of determining your vanity’s layout is taking accurate measurements of the length, height, and width of the space you choose to place your vanity. You should consider the location of the bathroom door, tub, shower, and toilet and the distance between each of those fixtures.

3. Bathroom Storage

Another essential thing to consider about your bathroom vanity is the amount of storage you need. All bathroom vanities have different storage spaces, some more than others. Are you looking for a place to store your cleaning products? A vanity with spacious cabinetry would be beneficial to you. Perhaps you’re looking to store your beauty or skincare products, towels, laundry, or both. A vanity with an equal amount of cabinetry and drawers may be best for you. Consider what you will be using your storage space for makes it easier to determine just how much storage space you will need.

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