Kitchen Faucet: A Small Guide to Choosing Yours

walter works kitchen faucet

One of the more common faucets is those with a single hole.

If your kitchen faucet has seen better days, then it might be the perfect time to replace your current faucet for an updated version. In fact, there are some key considerations to think about as you embark on finding the perfect kitchen faucet for your humble abode. The reality is, from the finish to the mounting options, there are a variety of things that you will definitely want to factor into the process of selecting the perfect kitchen faucet to really freshen up the space effectively and efficiently. Ultimately, there are different types of faucet mounting styles and layouts that will end up being very critical to your faucet selection. Here is a helpful guide to help you navigate the wide world of faucet shopping. 

Options For Faucet Mounting

As mentioned, there are a few different options homeowners have when it comes to the mounting options available with any faucet you choose. In fact, there are typically three different types of mounting options: deckplate, wall mounted, and non-deckplate. The reality is, if you are simply replacing your current faucet with a new one — that is being installed in your current sink, you’ll need to consider the importance of the type of mounting that is available to you. Ultimately, there are faucets that tend to have anywhere between one to five holes — and knowing how many your current faucet has will allow you to find a new one that will match and fit perfectly in the space that you already have. 

A Single Hole Faucet

One of the more common types of faucets are those with a single hole. In fact, single hole faucets are some of the more common types found in kitchens everywhere. The reality is, they’ll typically feature a single handle to match the single hole. Ultimately, single hole faucets tend to just require a single hole in either the sink itself or your countertop.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, there are certain things you will surely want to consider when it comes to finding your perfect kitchen faucet. In fact, you will definitely need to find a faucet that will complement the existing mounting appliance you currently have — unless you want to change things up in your kitchen. The reality is, knowing what faucet matches the mounting component you already have installed can do wonders towards ensuring that your kitchen faucet will be installed effectively and efficiently. 

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