5 Reasons to Use Kitchen Prep Sinks

5 Reasons to Use Kitchen Prep Sinks

A second sink can go by many names, but in most cases, they are called prep sinks. Here are five benefits of having a prep sink in your modern kitchen.

Most kitchens in the past have had one main sink, and the usefulness of that sink usually depends on the size. While really large farmhouse sinks have a lot of space, filling them with water is time-consuming and expensive (and wasteful), and even the largest sink isn’t really useful for prep work if it is filled with dirty dishes. In recent years, divided sinks have become popular when trying to solve this problem by having a sink with two adjoining basins, usually one larger than the other. This was intended to act as a prep and dish sink in one while creating a smaller sink that was more efficient to fill. While this is a great solution for some kitchens, it pales in comparison to the value of having a second sink altogether. This second sink can go by many names, but in most cases, they are called prep sinks. Kitchen prep sinks offer many benefits in the modern home kitchen. Let’s look at five of them. 

Upgrade An Island

The kitchen island is the most common place for a second sink, but many islands don’t have them. Adding the second sink there is a great way to upgrade the island and make it even more useful (especially if you also install a pot filler). It makes it more efficient to prep food on the island, especially if you’re doing that prep work while also entertaining (rather than having a conversation while facing a sink at a window).

Make It Convenient

A second kitchen sink is also more convenient. You can stack dirty dishes in the main sink and still have space to prep food or clean your hands without having to move stuff around.

Improved Entertaining

Having an additional sink can also make entertaining more fun (in addition to making it easier to prepare for all that entertaining). The second sink can be used as a really efficient ice tub or cooler for instance. There are tons of interesting and inventive uses you could devise for the second sink once you have one.

Room For More Cooks

While there is certainly truth to the idea that too many cooks are a bad thing, having help in the kitchen is usually appreciated, unless there isn’t enough space. Having a second sink means you don’t have to share or step on each other while you work together.

Aesthetic Options

Adding an additional sink to your kitchen is also a great way to add a design element that you might not want to have for your main sink (if you don’t want to replace the main sink, for instance). If you’d love the flair of an apron-front or copper sink, as an example, you could add a small prep sink in that style (as long as it fits the rest of the room).

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