Kitchen Essentials: Pot Fillers


The convenience that pot fillers offer will quickly appeal to any homeowner. Here are a few reasons to add a pot filler to your kitchen essentials list.

With so many kitchen essentials to choose from, it can be a bit difficult to narrow down your list of wants and needs. A pot filler should be on your list when selecting luxuries for cooking in your kitchen. To some people, a pot filler may not be considered necessary. However, the convenience that it offers will quickly appeal to any homeowner. Here are a few reasons to add a pot filler to your kitchen essentials list.

What is a Pot Filler? 

A pot filler is also known as a kettle faucet or pasta arm. Simply put, it is a type of kitchen faucet installed above or near a stovetop. It is used to fill pots with water just as you would under the kitchen sink faucet but instead you can fill them while they are placed on the stove. 

Cooking Made Easy 

If you have spent time cooking in the kitchen, you are no stranger to the physical strain of carrying a heavy pot of water over to the stove. The distance from the sink to the stove can make this task even more laborious when working around a bigger and more spacious kitchen. Water can get pretty heavy when you’re filling larger pots. Not to mention, it takes time. The convenience of a pot filler could eliminate minutes from your cooking time and save you some muscle ache.

Less Mess and Stress 

From sink clutter to spilled water, filling pots with water at the sink can create a mess. Having a free sink space helps to alleviate the stress associated with having clutter while cooking. Cooking should be a smooth process, and extra clutter can disrupt that. Although cooking inevitably makes a bit of a mess, cleaning spilled water is an additional task that no one wants to be bothered with. Since a pot filler is already stationed above the stove, it can eliminate all the unnecessary mess and stress that cluttered space and spilled water can create. 

Multitasking Made Possible 

Save the sink for washing dishes. Cooking itself already comes with a multitude of tasks. With a pot filler, there is no need to spend extra time waiting for your pot to fill under your kitchen faucet. You can shave minutes off your cooking time by directly filling your pot with water on the stove.

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