7 Benefits of a Hot Water Faucet In Your Kitchen

7 Benefits of a Hot Water Faucet In Your Kitchen

A standard faucet puts out hot water, but a hot water tap puts out steaming hot water. Here are some benefits of installing one in your kitchen.

When you’re looking for ways to upgrade or update your kitchen, there are lots of options available, like prep sinks and pot fillers. There is a lot you can do with even just a little bit of space and a small budget. One way to seriously improve a kitchen, even when you don’t have the time, space, or budget for a full remodel, is to upgrade the small touches on your hardware, fixtures, and appliances. One such upgrade is the addition of a hot water faucet. But isn’t your regular faucet also a hot water faucet – after all it does hot water in addition to cold? Sure a standard faucet can put out the hot water, but a separate hot water tap is a second faucet that only puts out steaming hot water. Having one can be a luxurious solution to problems you may not even realize you’re having. Let’s investigate seven interesting benefits of installing a hot water faucet in your kitchen.

Streamline Your Space

Adding a hot water tap can make it more efficient to work in your space. You don’t have to wait for the water to get hot in a kettle on your stove or countertop. You also don’t have to give up the valuable real estate of that counter space to keep the teapot around. 

Easily Clean Produce

Having a hot water tap can make it really easy to clean off certain produce, such as apples that you want to remove the wax from. 

More Efficient Dish Cleaning

A hot water faucet makes it easier and more efficient to do dishes. You won’t have to wait for the water from the regular tap to get hot (and in some cases that water won’t even get hot enough for your dishes).

Save Water

If you want hot water, you either need to heat a whole kettle or run the main tap till it gets hot enough. Either way, you’re probably wasting a lot of water. A designated hot faucet solves that problem.

Easy As Tea

You can have hot water for tea or cocoa (or instant coffee) in an instant without having to wait. 

Boiled Water In A Snap

Drinks aren’t the only thing that needs hot water. Having a hot water faucet means you can directly fill pots for noodles or pasta and have them close to boiling before you even put them on the stove. 

Safety Features Included

While it sounds scary to have hot water in a faucet, it is not really any more dangerous than a standard faucet or garbage disposal (another potentially scary addition to a kitchen). Most have built-in safety features designed to protect kids and adults.

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