Consider The Advantages of 4 Different Bathtub Styles

Consider The Advantages of 4 Different Bathtub Styles

Often you will find that simply changing the tub and/or shower can update the entire look of the bathroom. Read on to learn about bathtub-style options!

If you’re looking for a great way to upgrade or update your bathroom, consider simply updating the bathtub. Often you will find that simply changing the tub and/or shower surround can update the entire look of the bathroom. If you’re considering trying something new, consider the different benefits of the four different bathtub styles for your new bathroom makeover. 

Alcove Tub

An alcove tub is designed to fit within an enclosure on three sides and is the most common tub. They are the best choice for easy installation of shower-tub combinations. They also are the most cost-effective option, so they are the regular choice in both flips and new builds (except in situations where the bathroom fixtures are custom). These tubs usually come in a package with shower surround walls so that it all fits together both physically and aesthetically. 

Drop-In Tub

A drop-in tub sort of combines the looks of an alcove tub and a freestanding tub. Usually, these tubs are dropped into a form and they can be surrounded on multiple sides by walls or not. Sometimes the frame that the tub drops into is connected to just one wall (like a peninsula in the room) or two (taking up part of the corner). This type of tub could conceivably go into a freestanding frame as well. These tubs tend to be in the middle range of expense, though the cost to custom build the frame can elevate it tremendously. 

Freestanding Tub

Freestanding tubs require a fairly large bathroom because they are usually accessible from all sides, but they don’t have to be. You could have a freestanding tub close to a wall and therefore only accessible from one or two sides. Freestanding tubs are often seen as statement pieces since they are less common and usually more challenging to install. If you’re looking for a deep soaker tub that won’t hurt your budget, a freestanding tub could be the answer. As a note, some freestanding tubs, especially very intricate ones (like clawfoot tubs) can still be in the high-end price range.

Corner Tub

While freestanding tubs also take up a lot of room, the corner tub takes even more. Corner tubs are the biggest space hogs in the bathroom, and in that way, they ooze luxury. If you have a big enough bathroom for a corner tub, you have a very large bathroom indeed. Corner tubs also often have luxurious extras, like jets and contoured lounging shapes. These tubs tend to also be much more expensive, but if you’re turning a bathroom into a spa-like oasis, they are a great choice. 

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