4 Stylish Kitchen Updates for the New Year

4 Stylish Kitchen Updates for the New Year

New year, new you… but what about a new kitchen?

New year, new you… but what about a new kitchen? Although the idea of building a brand new kitchen may not necessarily be in your future, you can easily update the look of your space with these four updates for 2018.

The Brass Comeback

One easy way to update your kitchen fixtures is to switch out your existing fixtures for trendy brass faucets in 2018. Warmer than silver but cooler than gold, brass is an excellent choice for kitchen fixtures not only by its durability but also because of its stylish finish for any interior design. Even though we haven’t seen the warmer tones of brass for a while now,  it looks like it is here to stay for the new year.

Two-Tone Color Schemes

Following the 2017 trend of all white cabinets is the new two-tone color scheme of 2018. So far, this update has presented itself in the form of light and dark contrasts between the top and bottom cabinets, as well as mix and match colors between pairs of cabinets around the room. Consider dressing up your updated cabinets even more with updates to your cabinet hardware to tie in your new colors to any updated fixtures in the room.

Stylish Doors

Doors are an excellent way to section off any space, but why limit your design to builder grade only? Let your personality show through stylish finishes to the doors around your kitchen by incorporating color and personalized door hardware. By adding to the look of your doors with new doorknobs and hinges, you can easily update the perimeter of your kitchen as a gathering space in your home.

The New Stone Age

While traditional porcelain sinks have been ruling the roost of kitchen trends through the years, stone sinks are back in the game for 2018. Unlike the bright white of porcelain, a stone sink offers a softer contrast to any metallic updates that you plan on making to your faucet fixtures by incorporating slightly more color into your design.

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