Top 4 Kitchen Hardware Trends To Try


Stick with the trends for a fabulous kitchen you are sure to love for a lifetime.

Whether you are looking to create a sleek and modern kitchen or a more rustic or traditional feel, the key to making an impact is always in the details. When it comes to remodeling or simply updating a kitchen, hardware choices play a massive role. In fact, choosing the wrong kind of hardware in a kitchen can lead to unhappy homeowners. Therefore, we have created a wonderful guide that explores the popular trends that can uplift your current kitchen style or help your kitchen transition into the style that you desire.

Sleek And Stylish Drawer Pulls

A wonderful choice for any modern kitchen style, sleek drawer pulls make a great option for many homeowners. In fact, using elongated, stainless steel drawer pulls quickly turns almost any kitchen into a modern haven. Therefore, if you have a kitchen with clean lines, consider elevating that essence by using sleek and trendy drawer pulls in the kitchen design.

Subtle Contrast Hardware

Another trendy hardware choice is to use contrast within the kitchen design to create depth throughout the kitchen. In fact, incorporating some different materials and contrast into a kitchen is a wonderful way to infuse personality into any space without much effort.

Traditional Elegance

Sometimes a kitchen just needs some tradition in order to look appealing. In that case, consider using understated brushed nickel knobs as your kitchen hardware. It will balance out the kitchen and create quite the traditional feel within the space. Complementing the molding of the cabinetry can do wonders for any traditional kitchen and creates a beautiful aesthetic that is undeniable.

Antique Detail Knobs And Pulls

Incorporating unique and custom knobs and pulls to a kitchen can create quite the interesting detail. In fact. If you are looking to update your kitchen to a more antique look, consider investing in knobs and pulls with antique details.

Choose Your Solid Brass Hardware From WalterWorks

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