The Top Kitchen Hardware Trends

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Picking the right hardware for your kitchen can be an overwhelming process. Between pulls and knobs, there are a variety of options to choose from. Homeowners can ease their anxieties about choosing the perfect hardware by understanding the latest trends.

Sleek And Stylish Drawer Pulls

If you are looking to create a contemporary or modern kitchen, going with drawer pulls is a great way to complement the overall aesthetic. Using elongated drawer pulls you can create a super sleek look in your contemporary kitchen.

Subtle Contrast Hardware

When you have a farmhouse kitchen and want to preserve that aesthetic you ideally want to choose hardware to complement that style. However, many homeowners are flocking to sleek materials including marble to use as their countertops. This allows homeowners who desire a farmhouse kitchen to create contrast using hardware. By opting for hardware that has some unique detail that contrasts from the kitchen or are a different color, homeowners create a very rustic feel in their kitchens that will last for years to come.

Antique Detail Knobs And Pulls

Sometimes, there is something special about a knob or a pull that makes them unique. It’s the details that matter in kitchen design and there has been a rise in using antique looking knobs and pulls in kitchens. Vintage-inspired hardware can be used to complement a number of kitchen styles which makes it such a versatile option for homeowners.

Go With A Classic

There are those kitchens that have a timeless elegance. In order to complement a classic kitchen, homeowners may turn to classic knobs and pulls as their hardware. For example, a dark and rustic drawer cup pull would look elegant against a classic white cabinet. By simply enhancing the aesthetic of a classic kitchen, simple pulls and knobs are becoming increasingly popular lately.

Choosing Your Kitchen Hardware With WalterWorks Hardware

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