Which Type Of Kitchen Faucet Is Best For You?

kitchen faucet

So many faucets to choose from!

Are you ready for that brand-new kitchen remodel? Maybe you just want an upgrade. New, sleek, tech-savvy hardware has made faucets extremely trendy. With all the options available, it can be overwhelming when deciding from the myriad of possibilities.


Using a traditional setup, these faucets have two different hot and cold handles directly to the left and right of the faucet. These faucets have handles that can easily be part of the baseplate or they can be mounted separately. These two-handle faucets can more precisely specify the water flow and temperature.

Single Lever

These have become increasingly common since the 1950s.  The lever is operated like a joystick, with vertical movement to control the amount of water, horizontal for temperature.  You only need to reach one place to get the water you want.

Spray vs. Stream Selector

Controlled on the nozzle at the end of the spout, this switches between a spray and a stream mode. Usually the spout resets to stream mode when the water is shut off, but often better models allow the spout to be locked in spray mode also.

Pull-Out & Pull-Down

The spout head is fed water through a hose hidden within the spout body.  Parked in the tip of the spout body, the head is drawn away on its flexible hose to where it’s needed. The head pulls out toward you from a low spout, or straight down from a gooseneck spout, with a counterweight helping the hose and spout retract easily and neatly. A pull-out spout comes in handy when you need to rinse off vegetables or the sink itself. The flexible hose should be long enough to reach every corner of your sink for easy cleaning.

Hands-Free and Touch Faucets

The electronic age weighs in to expand the large list of faucet options. Hands-free faucets have an infra-red sensor on the front of the faucet, which detects hands or dishes in its beam and pays out water. For certain tasks at the sink you’ll want to switch to manual operation so that the faucet doesn’t run endlessly.   Touch faucets are user programmed to produce several temperatures and flow rates, selected by the number times you tap on the control body. Some have an LED light that represents the selection by color and intensity.  These faucets are easy to operate and promote cleanliness in the home. They are not only convenient and high-tech, but they also look very sleek and modern, for that contemporary vibe.

Prep Sink Faucets

Many high-end kitchens feature a secondary, smaller sink that allows for the main sink to be freed up. This allows for prep work to be done using this secondary sink.

Drinking Water Faucets

These specialty faucets can be connected to a hot water dispenser, or even a cold water filter, allowing you to customize your dispensing features.


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