The Pros And Cons Of Wall-Mounted Toilets

wall-mounted toilet

This new year, resolve to upgrade your toilet to a wall-mounted one.

It seems as though there is little information available on wall-mounted toilets. There seems to be a general conception that they are quite the hassle and simply put, the cons outweigh the pros. But without a lot of knowledge on these universal toilets, how can we make a conclusion without further investigation?

Space Saving

As you can imagine, having a toilet that is mounted to the wall can save you a lot of space in the bathroom. Ideal for small bathrooms, wall-mounted toilets occupy literally zero floor space, leaving you with more storage space and other essentials you desire, like a bigger shower.

Adjustable Height

Another big plus is the simple fact that you are the sole decider on the height of your toilet. You get to customize where exactly on your wall you want to position your toilet. This not only increases comfort but also gives you the unique experience to customize your bathroom.

Easy Maintenance

These wall-mounted toilets are one of the easiest toilets to clean. Since they are not attached to the floor, it’s so much simpler to mop around the toilet. Cleaning the actual toilet requires less work since you don’t need to bend down all the way to get a good clean.

Installation Is Partly In The Wall

Wall-mounted toilets employ a steel-framed “carrier” which is braced in between studs inside the wall.  It’s very strong.  The china toilet bolts through the finished wall to the steel carrier, which has the toilet tank and flush mechanism also on board. In new construction, it’s easily planned for but in a remodel both wall and floor need patching and refinishing to convert from a standard toilet.

Service Access

Usually, the toilet tank in the wall is accessed through a decorative panel that mounts on the outside of the wall and incorporates the flush button.  It’s positioned about two feet above the toilet on the wall.  For a cleaner look, you can mount a smaller remote flush button elsewhere, like next to the toilet paper holder.  Then you still need an access panel for the toilet tank, but you can hang some art over it.


Choose A Wall-Mounted Toilet From WalterWorks

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