Steps to Choosing Your Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

bathroom vanity cabinet

Choosing a bathroom cabinet does not have to be a terrible experience. Let WalterWorks Hardware help you take the guesswork out of your bathroom redesign.

Your bathroom remodel is the perfect time to customize your bathroom to your taste. So why not choose a bathroom vanity cabinet that will fit your style and make your bathroom design flawless. When choosing a vanity cabinet, it is important to keep some things in mind. Let’s take a look at some steps to choosing your bathroom vanity cabinet.

Think About Placement

The first thing you should consider when choosing a new bathroom vanity cabinet is the placement of it. While choosing a wide cabinet will give you more storage, will the cabinet stick out too far? It is important not to choose a spot that will mess up your bathroom’s traffic flow, block doors, or be too close to the shower. Make sure to leave your bathroom open to traffic and accessible for cleaning purposes.

Think About Plumbing

If your bathroom needs have changed over the years or if you want to add value to your home by adding a double sink, you may need a vanity that will work with your new plumbing needs. If you have to have new plumbing installed, it is important to account of these changes in your budget.

What About Materials?

Vanities are placed in an environment that is constantly humid, wet, and busy. With the conditions of your bathroom, it is important for you to consider the materials you use for your vanity carefully. Wood veneers and laminates tend to work well in bathrooms. If you choose wood, make sure it is properly sealed and lacquered to avoid splitting and rotting wood. Along with the materials of the cabinet itself, you should also look for a durable top to match.

Storage is Important

You should take storage into account as well. What would you like to store in your bathroom? Maybe some extra paper products, some makeup, and hand towels. Take an inventory of what you would like to store inside and what you could store somewhere else. Many designers recommend adding about 20 percent more space than you’ll think you will need.

Size and Height, Too

Vanity cabinet size is also important. You do not want to cram a large vanity into a small bathroom. Make sure the vanity size will not take up the entire bathroom. Choose a vanity cabinet that will be the perfect size for the bathroom. Remember, you can always add storage with countertop cabinets is necessary. It is also important to get the height of your vanity right too. A traditional cabinet is 32 inches high, but be sure to measure your bathroom vanity so it is the perfect height for everyone in your home.

When choosing a bathroom vanity cabinet, it is important to choose something that is the perfect fit for your bathroom. For more information on choosing a bathroom vanity cabinet, visit WalterWorks Hardware today!

Choosing a Bathroom Vanity Cabinet at WalterWorks Hardware!

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