The Benefits of a Towel Warmer

Towel warmer

Choosing a towel warmer for your bathroom is the ultimate luxury.

Who doesn’t love the feeling of pulling a warm towel out of the dryer? Well, now you can have that luxury all the time with a towel warmer in your bathroom. Having a towel warmer at your disposal will not only help you continue relaxing even after you step out of the bath, but it will also help keep your towels mold and bacteria free as they dry. Let’s take a look at some of the wonderful benefits of having a towel warmer in your bathroom.

Towel Warmers Work to Keep You Comfy

Nothing is more rejuvenating than a nice hot bath after a long day at work. But who says it has to end the moment you step out of the bath? With a towel warmer, you can continue that luxury even after your bath has ended. You can continue your luxury with the addition of a hook for your towel warmer. These hooks are the perfect places to hang your robe and pajamas so they are always dryer-warm.

Keep Your Bathroom Warm

One of the best side benefits of a towel warmer is its ability to keep your bathroom warm as well. Towel warmers will help to keep your bathroom nice and toasty along with your towels. No one likes stepping out of a warm shower onto the freezing tile. Stop making the mad dash to your bedroom and use a towel warmer to keep your bathroom warm and welcoming.

Not Just Warm, But Dry

Have you ever noticed that your towels are still damp even after being hung dry for several hours? Even after hanging up all day, your towel and robe may be wet because of poor ventilation or high humidity in your bathroom. Not only is a damp towel a nuisance, it is also dangerous as bacteria, mold, and mildew start to grow on it. But when you have a towel warmer in your bathroom, your towels will dry quicker. Towel warmers will help you avoid mildew from settling on your damp towels and help to keep your bathroom mold and mildew free.

Beauty in the Design

While there are several different types of towel warmers on the market, many of these options have a beautiful design to complement your home. Some towel warmers will add a modern look to a bathroom with clean lines while others offer a classic, more intricate design to appeal to a classic look. There is a towel warmer available for any bathroom design, so what are you waiting for?

Towel warmers aren’t just for spas anymore. Towel warmers from WalterWorks Hardware will help to make your bathroom luxurious all year long. For more information on purchasing a towel warmer from WalterWorks Hardware, visit our Annapolis showroom today!

Benefits of Towel Warmers at WalterWorks Hardware!

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