A Simple Guide For Finding The Perfect Door Knobs For Your Home


Choose the best door knob for your special needs.

A homeowner can never be overly prepared when it comes to shopping for door knobs. With such a large variety to choose from it can be overwhelming for those of us who are not in the loop. There are a few things you must consider when looking at door knobs such as where they will be and what their purpose is. For example, there is a difference between a hall closet door and a front door. One requires a lock and the other does not. Keep these tips in mind next time you need to buy a door knob.

Start With The Basics

Before you start buying any new hardware you want to make sure that you measure the dimensions of the door that you will be shopping for. If you will be shopping for more than one door, make sure to make a list and jot down the dimensions of every door that you are looking to supply hardware for.

Measuring your door can be complicated if you are not sure of what exactly needs to be measured. You want to measure the backset, which is the length from the middle of the bore hole to the edge of the door. This is essential in determining the length of the latch needed for your door.  The thickness of the door is important, and on paneled doors, the width of the vertical plank that the lock must fit into (the stile).  And if there are two bore holes in your door, you should measure the distance between them, usually 3-3/8”.

What Latch Do You Need?

If you are replacing existing hardware look at the latch installed in the door edge, and snap a quick photo. The various latches really depend on your specific requirements for the new or existing door and can be easily discussed with a hardware professional.

Door Knobs, Levers, Grips and Thumb Latches

We’ve finally made it to the fun part: selecting your door hardware.  While interior doors in the US have traditionally used knobs, levers are a little easier to operate because they don’t need a firm grip to turn.  Either comes with a latch and optional privacy function.  When the knob or lever is fixed on the door it’s called a “dummy”.  Typically we furnish an exterior door with a lock that requires key access from the outside.  This can be as simple as a keyed knob or lever, or for a more major statement, a long grip handle and thumb latch with a separate keyed bolt.  But the most fun part is it’s really a decision among many styles and looks, shapes, and finishes to appeal to wide-ranging aesthetic and ergonomic tastes.

Although the process can become quite technical your best defense is to educate yourself and prepare as much as you can before beginning your door knob shopping to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Choosing Your Door Knobs With WalterWorks Hardware

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