4 Ways To Make Your Front Door The Best On The Block

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Entice your guests by creating an entry door that will make all your neighbors jealous!

The main entrance to your humble abode makes an impact on guests. However, as they make their way towards your front door, what do you want them to think? Would you like them to gravitate towards your home? Entice them to come in? Would you like to evoke a nice, warm feeling? Whatever your end goal there are a few ways to create a front door that will be the envy of all your neighbors.

Embrace Crown Molding

From mansion to sprawling estates, crown molding makes an immediate impact on guests. By adding a simple touch of crown molding to your front door, you will have guests that feel a sense of elegance as they walk into your beautiful home.

Try Stained Glass

Just like you would bring out your finest china when entertaining guests if you want to evoke a sense of regalness with your front door, use stained glass. By welcoming your guests with an image of having the best of the best, stained glass allows you to create a sense of importance for your guests.

Go Big With Artwork

Are you a creative person with an artistic eye? Then go ahead and create a mural or art piece that can be painted onto your front door. You can always create a wood motif that gives your door a unique feel and reminds guests of what your home is all about.

Use Lights

After a delicious meal in your home, everyone is crowding around the doorway to say their goodbyes. You want to make sure that the lighting is ideal for any time of day, including the nighttime. The lighting around a doorway can be a critical aspect of your front door aesthetic. Consider the brightness when determining the best lighting for your doorway to make all your guests leave on a bright and cheery note.

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