A Guide to Hardware Finishes

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What kind of hardware finish will you choose for your cabinets?

When it comes to hardware design, “the devil is in the details”, right? When choosing your hardware, you have to make sure all of your elements work together in order make your space look cohesive. From your faucets and lighting to your knobs and outlet covers, your hardware finishes must work together to give your space the perfect design. But before you choose classic chrome hardware for your space, let’s take a look at some different hardware finishes you can choose for your home.

Classic Chrome

Chrome is one of the most popular finishes for hardware because of its neutrality. This hardware finish will give your fixtures a beautiful shine while reflecting the light of your kitchen or bathroom. Chrome hardware finishes tend to look best in contemporary styles homes. Chrome hardware finishes come in bright chrome as well as a satin chrome. Satin chrome is considered moderately contemporary with its subtle luster.

Bright Brass

Brass is also a classic hardware finish you should consider. This finish will help give your home an elegant feel while providing you with an affordable option. Brass tends to be a shiny metal but does some in a darker and textured version called antique brass. This finish goes well in both a vintage and a modern home. Brass comes in many different finishes including antique, with rich brown hues and gold undertones; bright brass, that is highly reflective with a warm sheen; and satin brass, with a modern elegance and understated style.

Good as Gold

Gold finishes are definitely making a comeback. This hardware finish has been gracing homes for centuries but has been recently seen decorating elegant homes. Gold is a shiny metal and will help to reflect light as well as bring a luxurious feel to your space.

Brilliant Bronze

Bronze has been making its way into the top hardware finishes for a number of years. This finish boasts a rich color that is perfect for lighter colored spaces like an antique white kitchen. Bronze comes in a two different finishes including an aged bronze, which has warm copper breaking through the darker exterior; and an oil-rubbed bronze, with Old World character.

Bold Black

While most people think of black as dull, black hardware finishes are the perfect accent for your white space. Black hardware finishes can perfectly accent country, rustic, and modern homes to for beautiful, clean look. This matte finish serves as a bridge between the modern and traditional style for the perfect hardware finish.

Neat Nickel

Nickel is a beautiful hardware finish for your space. Nickel comes in a variety of finishes to make any type of home. The distressed nickel is a textured finish that is full of character. It boasts a refined silver hue that thrives in an industrial-type space. Polished nickel is more of a traditional style of hardware finish. It is considered glamorous due to its ability to adapt to any space. Satin nickel is also a versatile finish that is full of brushed silver hues. It looks wonderful in a mid-century modern space and prefers to live among bold patterns and bright colors.

There are many different types of hardware finishes for you to choose from for your space. With a little mixing and matching, your possibilities are endless. With the right hardware, your space will look beautiful. For more help choosing your hardware finishes, visit WalterWorks Hardware today!

A Guide to Hardware Finishes with WalterWorks Hardware!

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