Choosing Door Knobs and Levers for Your Home

Door knobs and levers

Which kind of door hardware will you choose for your home?

Whether you are updating your curb appeal, designing a new room, or just need some new hardware for the exterior doors, there are plenty of options to choose from. From closet doors of your bedroom to the front exterior door, every door in your home needs a different kind of knob. So what kind of door knob and levers will you choose for your home? Let’s take a look at the different kinds of knobs and whether you should choose knobs or levers for your home.

The Different Kind of Knobs

Each door in your home has a different function. Whether it is to keep intruders out, afford you some privacy, or to keep the noise down, there are many different functions for the doors in your home. So before replacing the knobs on each door, you will need to know the differences between these door knobs. The first type is a passage knob. These door knobs are typically used on non-locking doors like hallways and closets where locks are not needed. A privacy knob is a lockable door knob but it does not require a key to open it. These door knobs are typically used for bathrooms and bedrooms and open using a pin key. The final type of door knob is a keyed entry knob and is typically used on entry and exit doors. These knobs are sturdier than typical knobs and use a key to open the door from the outside. Keyed entry knobs are used to keep intruders out of your home while keeping your family safe inside.

Knobs versus Levers

When choosing new door hardware for your home, there are two different types you can choose from: knobs and levers. Door knobs are the traditional round or oval knobs that are used on many different types of doors to provide you with a classic look. For parents with precocious pets and children, door knobs are a must as they are often difficult to open. If a round knob is too traditional, you can update your door hardware with an oval or egg shaped knob for a modern look. Door knobs can be difficult for individuals with limited dexterity and strength to open but an egg-shaped knob can make this motion easier. Lever-style knobs are the modern twist on door hardware. This latch style is often easier to use and will give your home a more modern look than the traditional knob. Since levers are easily opened for people with limited strength, children and pets also have the ability to open them. When choosing a lever for your home, it is important to consider how the door swings open so you do not have the lever on the wrong side. Levers come in a variety of styles and finishes to choose from for an ultramodern or elegant look for your home.

When considering new door hardware for your home, it is important for you to consider what type of door you are updating as well as the kind of knob you want. For more information on choosing your door hardware, call or visit WalterWorks Hardware today!

Choosing Door Hardware with WalterWorks Hardware!

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