All About Door Deadbolts: Which Type Is Best For Your Home

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Door deadbolts provide extra protection to your entrances. Learn more about the different types you can install.

As a homeowner, maintaining the security of your property is essential. Part of establishing security in your home is installing door deadbolts. A deadbolt is a locking mechanism used with a doorknob to secure your doors. You can use a key or thumb turn to engage the lock, which is a durable bolt that extrudes into the doorframe. Deadbolts are often used on exterior doors because they provide security against forced intrusion or attacks. There are many different door deadbolts you can find at WalterWorks Hardware. But what is unique about these different locks? 

Single-Cylinder Deadbolt Lock 

This common type of deadbolt uses a thumb turn on the inside and a key on the exterior side. This lock is best when you want quick access in one direction (leaving your house) while restricting access in the other direction (entering your home). These locks should also be installed away from any glass to prevent the chance of someone breaking the glass and moving the thumb turn from inside. 

The Double-Cylinder Deadbolt Lock

This lock requires a key on both sides of the door. It is often used on exterior doors to provide extra security and prevent someone from breaking in by reaching through and turning the lock. However, because the door is locked on both sides, a fast exit is not possible in the case of an emergency. 

Electronic Deadbolt Locks

Electronic deadbolts are increasingly popular for their reliability and convenience. These locks offer the same security as their mechanical counterparts but use a keypad or touchscreen instead of a keyhole. You can program a unique access code, so you don’t have to worry about losing your key. The locks are not connected to WiFi or other smart technology.

Smart Deadbolt Lock

Smart deadbolts are becoming a new trend if you want to use a lock connected to your home network. This smart technology can be controlled through your smartphone, even when you aren’t at home. These locks often come with additional features like tamper alerts and automatic locking. 

Rim Deadbolt

A rim deadbolt is installed on the inside surface of a door, often near the doorknob. It is operated by a key from the outside, and a thumb turn inside. Rim locks can add extra security to a door when a traditional deadbolt can not be installed. However, it is not as strong as traditional deadbolts because it is mounted to the door. This means it may be easier for someone to enter by force. 

Vertical Deadbolt Lock 

A vertical deadbolt lock is attached to the doorframe at the top. This can provide extra protection against burglars as it makes it harder to pry open a door. These deadbolts are larger than other types, but they offer a high level of security. 

Mortise Deadbolt Lock

If you are interested in high security for your entry door, a mortise deadbolt lock is made with a metal body that houses a deadbolt and latch lock, making it difficult to force open. 

Mortise locks require a rectangular pocket (the “mortise”) to be cut into the door. These door deadbolts are more secure but often more expensive because of their construction. However, extra security is always something worth paying for. 

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