How to Choose Your Best Bathroom Mirror Design

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Find your best bathroom mirror design by exploring the many sizes, frames, and styles available!

It can be easy to overlook a mirror, but you shouldn’t neglect this essential part of your bathroom design. When selecting your best bathroom mirror, you have numerous sizes, styles, and shapes to choose from to create your ideal design. When you select your new mirror at WalterWorks Hardware, consider the following factors and options to determine which mirror design is best for your bathroom remodel. 

Sizing Your Mirror

When choosing your mirror, consider both function and proportion. To create a balanced look, consider how your mirror will be sized compared to your vanity. Vanity mirrors are not typically wider than the vanity and, in fact, are most often exactly as wide. You may also choose a mirror that is 70-80% as wide as the vanity, so the mirror appears slightly smaller but not shrunken.

Single vs. Multiple Mirrors

If you have a wide vanity, or one with multiple sinks, you may install one large mirror or multiple mirrors of the same size. Adding a few tall, narrow mirrors can create a vertical style in your bathroom and elongate the height of the space. You may also add double mirrors to a single sink vanity to create a stylish and balanced look.


When you install a smaller mirror, you have room to add sconces on either side of your bathroom mirror. Placing the vanity lights on the side of your mirror ensures that you have plenty of light when grooming at the vanity. Your best bathroom mirror design will provide you with all of the visibility you require. 

Wall-to-Wall Mirror

If you want to add a bold design element, ignore the size of the vanity and install a mirror to fill your whole wall. This gives you a larger mirror and also helps your bathroom feel much more spacious. 

Framed vs. Frameless

When you choose your bathroom mirror, you will also have to consider whether you want a frame. Frameless mirrors are becoming increasingly popular because they can be less expensive and still stylish and modern. Mirrors with distinct frames tend to work best in traditional, more decorative spaces. 

Round Mirrors

While most mirror designs are rectangular, there are other shapes you can explore – in particular, round mirrors. Round mirrors can bring some softness and relaxed appeal to a bathroom, which often has an abundance of sharp lines. This mirror design often works well with pedestal sinks.

Medicine Cabinets

If you need all the storage space you can get, you may consider installing a mirror-medicine cabinet combo. These are best and least intrusive when inset into your wall without a frame. Your medicine cabinet will provide accessible storage while the mirror blends in seamlessly. 

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