A More Luxurious Medicine Cabinet

As far as fixtures go, the medicine cabinet in the bathroom usually doesn’t offer much. You may wonder what else it can do for you, beyond offering a small amount of storage. But, things don’t have to be that way. In this post, we’ve compiled some inspiring tips to turn a drab medicine cabinet into the unsung hero of the bathroom.

bathroom with brown tiles and white fixtures

we’ve compiled some inspiring tips to turn a drab medicine cabinet into the unsung hero of the bathroom.

First Things First 

You may not even remember the last time your medicine cabinet got a thorough cleaning, but that’s alright! Taking out the time to go through all those old bottles and tubes will give you a more functional setup in the end. Clearing off the shelves and scrubbing them down with a degreaser may reveal a space you barely recognize. Take care to treat the material you’re dealing with properly, wipe off excess water to prevent chipping paint, and allow plenty of drying time for wood. 



Working in such a small area can be tricky, but thinking small is also a fun challenge. These days, it’s so easy to get that perfect shade of paint or custom contact paper to match your style. First, remove all hardware from the medicine cabinet like the knobs and small hinges. If you’re painting, tape off the area. Next, sand and prime for a smooth, even surface. This step may be tedious, but don’t skip it! Finally, go in with as many thin coats of paint as you need to get the coverage you’re after. Replace the hardware and you’ve finished. 


If painting seems a bit labor-intensive, you can also use decorative elements like wallpaper or contact paper in strategic spots for a wow factor. For long-lasting results, use a strong adhesive that can stand up to the humidity of the bathroom. If you plan on changing this decor often, then don’t worry too much about it.


For an organized and spa-like feel, get matching containers for cotton products, floss, blister-pack medications, and your miscellaneous toiletries. Transparent plastic dishes are very practical, but if some solid color containers work better for you then you can add labels. As long as your storage space is functional and attractive to you then there’s no way to go wrong. 


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