4 Types of Utility Sink Faucets


Consider these factors when choosing your best utility sink faucets.

Utility sink faucets are primarily meant to work hard; not just look pretty. Selecting suitable sink faucets makes the hard work you do in your utility sink easier. It also saves time and enhances efficiency in the long run. If you want to find your ideal utility sink faucet, you need to identify the one best suited for your needs. Here are four appealing types of utility sink faucets you could purchase from WalterWorks.

Wall-Mount Faucets

Most utility sinks use wall-mount faucets. In that case, the spout and handles are mounted to the wall instead of a sink deck or countertop. Wall-mount faucets are ideal when there is not much countertop space. These types of faucets maximize sink space, as you can lift items in and out without hitting the nozzle.

Deck-Mount Faucets

These utility sink faucets are the most common in schools, hotels, homes, and restaurants. When anyone thinks about faucets, deck-mount is most likely to be top of mind. Installing it is straightforward, and it can be installed right away. This faucet is an appealing choice for kitchens and bathrooms because of its timeless look. Additionally, it has a variety of finishes and styles that can complement your chosen design. 

Pull-Out Spray Faucets

Pull-out spray faucets are a popular style that fits in various spaces. Pull-out spray faucets are often a type of deck-mount faucet, with the added feature of being able to move the nozzle and spray water in a 360-degree manner. This can be helpful for laundry rooms or other situations in which you need flexibility. 

Two-Handle Faucets

The two-handle utility sink faucet is popular because of its double-handle design. One handle controls cold water, while the other controls hot water. However, water flows through the same spout allowing the temperature to adjust even with two handles. This type of utility sink faucet provides you with maximum temperature control, adjusting each handle carefully to get the heat or cold you want.

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