Big Ideas for Tiny Entryways

Family standing in a doorway greeting a guest

When you first walk into your home, what do you see?

When you first walk into your home, what do you see? If it isn’t much, then you may be surprised just how inviting this little piece of your home can become. An entryway should welcome you with open arms. We’ll recommend a few ways to upgrade this space for people of all skill levels in this post.

Coat Check

Believe it or not, simple storage solutions can add a lot of design value to your home, especially in those tight spaces where most furniture would be an awkward fit. Decorative hooks, simple shelves, and functional cubbies are quite easy to install. These elements provide a space for you and your guests’ outerwear, which cuts down on clutter around your home. Space-saving tools like these make it so that your most treasured stylistic choices can shine. 

Light & Color in the Entryway

Light is a massively important tool for properly representing your space. Whatever windows, skylights, transoms, or fixtures you have, you should take time to consider how you can bend the light in your entryway for maximum visual impact. If you have a lot of natural light coming in from the doorway, you can keep your wall colors and flooring elements light and simple to create a spacious, airy feel. If your entryway relies on indoor lighting, then take the opportunity to experiment with different bulbs and ambient lighting solutions to set the mood in your home right when you walk in. 

Build it Out

If you’re just not satisfied with the size and layout of your entryway, then consider dedicating a bit more time and money to the space. Often people find more space by removing an inconvenient closet or carving out a nook under a stairway. For a project like this, get an accurate floor plan of your home and do some homework on which structures can be safely removed. If you live in an area with an HOA, it’s a good idea to check if they have additional bylaws about remodels. Most homeowners can handle small demolition projects with relative ease, but putting up new drywall requires a bit of know-how. If you are unsure about your ability to complete the project on your own, consider asking for advice at your local hardware store.

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