3 Quick and Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look and Feel New

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Was there some aspect of home remodeling that you weren’t able to complete earlier in the fall?

The start of a new month brings some fresh creative energy. Was there some aspect of home remodeling that you weren’t able to complete earlier in the fall? Well, we’ve entered the last full month of autumn. In no time at all, the winter holidays will be here, and if you’ve got a modest gathering on the docket, it might behoove you to give your home a makeover on a short turnaround. So what can or should you do?

Get Rid of Old Faucets, Knobs, and Latches 

Have some of your hardware pieces rather lost their shine? Well, that’s not good. One of the easiest remodeling-related changes is to get rid of old faucets, knobs, and latches. Of course, this means that you’ve got to have newer counterparts at the ready. Form and function both matter, so do what you can to play them up!

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Living Areas

Yes, the weather outside is finally cooling down. But that doesn’t mean you need to take refuge inside all of the time! At least, not just yet. We suggest that you take some time to spruce up your home’s outdoor living areas. Redo the patio or fix up those loose boards affecting the back deck. Some plants thrive in cooler weather, so play around with annuals and perennial plants to see which ones you like best. Plus, raised bed planters make it easier to garden. How so? You don’t need to bend, hunch, and kneel as much. Besides, they’ll protect your plants, herbs, and veggies against deer and other critters who come around looking for something to munch on!

Rethink the Lighting Fixtures 

It should come as no surprise that the days are getting shorter. As such, it’s probably a good idea to think about the condition of your lighting fixtures. Every home needs to have a different level of artificial lighting. But not enough light is just as bad as too much (eye strain, anyone?) Incandescent bulbs work, but not very efficiently. Scrap them and use LEDs instead. LED bulbs save energy, provide more light, and run much cooler than incandescents do. Besides, under cabinet lighting makes a huge difference. And do you have a small storage closet embedded underneath your main staircase? It can be hard to retrieve items from inside there if you can’t see them! Lighting strips and puck lights will, hopefully, alleviate that problem!   

WalterWorks Hardware Asks: How Can We Help You?

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